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cab5 wall of water?

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Windows 10 new machine new P3D never had FSX installed. i7-7700 4.2ghz 16gb GTX 1070 8gb.  FTX Global, Vector, NA LC, PNW, S AK and I am noticing some abnormalities that are pretty odd. Seems to be mostly Alaska. Bella Coola has some sunken buildings up to the roofs ect. and I have run Vector airport elevation config and applied settings. Any ideas how to fix these? So, this is CAB5 for example. A creek meanders all over it which is not right and there is a wall of water at the end which should be a river. You will notice it then curves up and around the hill on the left? This is a great little bush strip to take off out of flying right over the river so I really want to get this solved. 



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So is this a vector issue not knowing where the runways are or the runways not being placed accurately? Something is a miss. I like having the accurate roads and coastlines of vector but not if it affects the visuals of the airports. Is something screwed up on my install or is this just the way it is and I need to ditch vector? thanks. Hoping someone knows a lot more about this than I do. Not complaining, just want to find the root of this and if it can be fixed. Thanks. 



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Yes, one of the first things I installed. It is current and up to date. I did have an issue of FTX Central installing all of my stuff at the bottom of my library. I set auto to all FTX on top and LC below ftx. I am going to run migration again and see if that does anything?


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without visiting any of the airfields you mention, Vector mostly corrects shorelines,  

coastlines and rivers, among many other things.


Regrettably, this leaves a great many misplaced default airfields with problems such

as you illustrate.


There is a topic for reporting these airfields.



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I can reply only for PASI, as I had the problem with the marinas amongst others.

Vector redraws the coast lines amongst others. But if you have the tools to investigate, for exemple Airport Design Editor or any similar tool, you will see that the marinas do even belong to the stock airport in the simulator itself. If you look further and farther around the airport, you may also find other now misplaced objects, like a lighttower on an island, etc....

Either you live with the "dried" marinas, or use some tool to move them back into water, or check for some PASI scenery, which might not even cure definetely all the misplacements.

Regarding the other airports, I am not sure Vector is completely wrong, but what is certain is that various stock airports are placed with some inaccuracy once Vector shows more accurate costlines and rivers.

I recently had to process with some small amendments for CBW3 and CZHT, but just as experiment for me with ADE, and still have to improve CZST a little bit by adding some land where there is water in the sim...

Blue skies

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On ‎11‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 1:22 PM, smudger said:

Hello Chuck,

Have you installed the Orbx Libraries ?

 Yes, I have the libraries. ok, installed TFX and loaded the sim and zoomed out from kake and I did not have the blocks as described. I installed directly to my main P3D V4 folder in F drive. The instructions did not say to add to library yet. I added the new cfg files to my main terrain.cfg folder in c drive as F drive only has the orbx terrain.cfg files. My total was 1078 with the last number at 1077 so my new entries started at 1078 and ended at 1117 bringing my total to 1118. I installed all of the other files. Now, this time I backed up all of the folders I touched so I can revert pre-TF with the exceptionof the main install. I load the sim, add low then high to my library and move them between my ftx and olc folders. I notice my orbx airports and such have mesh files with them but I left that alone and just put TFX under these but above my OLC. I go to KAKE and I have a wonderful little lake my plane is sitting in with nicedocks and seaplanes, a few houses but the forested hills are rising up all around. I F12 and zoom and TF is the big squares of land with just this neat little KAKE scenery. I went to PASI and PASI looks great, but again, surrounded by just a little water and land coming up all around it and P3D froze and crashed as soon as I looked around twice. PAWG crashes too.no errors reported in my documents folder. Do I run vector config? My elevation files are where they should be scenery/world/scenery but I notice the file names are different being a FSX instead of a FTX? help! lol. I am so close. 

I am running i7-7700K 4.2 over clocked 10% kaby lake 16GB memory, GTX 1070 8GB Windows 10 with global, vector, NA LC, FTX PNW, FTX S AK ect. I am getting an error posting the pics for some reason. Thank You. this is a new machine that has never had previous versions of P3D or FSX. 

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lol... So I got all of the RTMM scenery files in and good. Few days playing around-great. Thought I'd dive in to some AI. Installed:

Misty Traffic trawling

Noweigian Sun Glacier Track

Tongass Narrows Floats

AI Float Traffic V 1.3

Misty Commercial 1

Misty Commercial 2

Shrimp Boat

misty garbage scow

misty log barge



Now at Ketchikan runway there is a small cruise ship or big yacht, maybe a tour boat moving north in the channel with a big geiser or light beams coming up out of it 100s of feet in the air. I do not know which file is bad and some of these files overwrote some of my BGL files. P3D will stop responding when I get close. Taking off from Mistys place I get a few hundred feet up and it stops responding. 

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I got it all fixed. RTMM traffic overwrote my fixes for the DHC-3 for some reason and then the coastguard wake effects bgl. Replaced the veh fix in the global scenery folder and we are back in business. I may have to delete the barge and garbage scow until those are fixed but the ai global shipping traffic and RTMM floats really bring the area to life. Need hump back whales lol. 


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