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  1. Great airport. Runway length allows many challenges. Wonderful landscape and connections to PAKT and CYVR Dom NB : Was it on the 2021 Orbx roadmap ?
  2. I will buy it because it will give fantastic approaches to EDDF Aber... Jesus, these skycrappers are not funny Dom
  3. FAN TAS TIC Obviously, this scenery will be a masterpiece. And... first Bromma airport scenery ever developped for a flight simulator ! Dom
  4. I really like FSDT's work on KEYW. But i don't use anymore this scenery because there are very few destinations. KMIA is too close. KMSY or KATL, too far. My point of view Dom
  5. I bought Singapour Landmarks. It was pretty much funny for approximately... 5 mn. The truth ? Landmarks series are easy money for a minimum worktime. Or proove me i am wrong. And you know what ? i totally accept that ! It's business. And as a company, you need to earn money. But taking off and landing from/to airports... this so much intense and thrilling. I need airports, big ones, I need Melbourne and Brisbane, and all these major places to land ! Best Dom
  6. Yep, curious, no mention of YBBN for MSFS. But i like this 2021 menu Dom
  7. Then, it's just great ! Thank you Ed. Even better if a YPAD airport is on the way. I understand that Orbx has a very effective partnering now. I probably miss the time when the company developped all these airports. But.. fair enough, if you can find high quality developers. So far so good Dom
  8. I cannot agree more than that. I already have Parafield, so i hope this landmark will be compatible. Otherwise, its no use. Dom Mason
  9. That's marvelous ! I checked if fireworks are animated in Landmark Paris on july 14th but nothing. Possibly a limitation from Microsoft/Asobo engine Dom
  10. Brisbane airport would have been great too. This is a beauty but so far, MSFS is so poor on airports. I hope this will be fixed. For instance, i bought Sydney landmarks because of YSSY airport. But you know that for shure Dom Mason
  11. Still don't understand why we can't see airport screenshots. As a professional pilot () i don't like to be distracted by chickens I would like to see the runways and terminals Something tells me that these shots will be great, but why the delay Dom
  12. For a moment, i thought it was a new Stockholm landmarks. Eager to see the shots from the airport ! Bromma is a great choice ! Dom
  13. My first flight over Paris this morning. Orbx Team, what you have done here is simply amazing. A part from one building, the city hall, everthing is accurate and sensational. I pushed the road trafic to 50 % and the capital is so real. I was worried about the "Front de Seine" because we did not see any pictures but even that part is realistically designed. Hats off. Dom Mason
  14. Are there some PeopleFlow in the Eiffel tower 1st floor ? Oh noooo, oupss, i forgot there are no more Orbx XFlows in MSFS so far. Dom
  15. That's fantastic ! Same question for the Stade de France Dom Mason
  16. Inside modeling is just great. To me, it's going to be VFR flights with Notodden and incoming Kristiansand Dom Mason
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