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  1. Hi, will the my "replacement assistance truck addon" be available via Orbx central some day?
  2. Hi Joe, thanks for your reply. Firstly EGLC and LPPD are developed by completely different developers so you can't compare (it's up to the individual developer), and the LPPD dev is external to Orbx and only sells on the platform, secondly static aircraft is a very dividing topic, some people want them, others don't, a benefit P3D has is the ability to configure airports how users want, apparently this can't be done yet in MSFS, although options are starting to be offered. I know MK and Orbx are different developers. But I don't think it matters in this case. I just would like to know why static planes are removed from sceneries. There must be a reason why Orbx, MK and others do that when they optimize their addons for XBOX. It's a feature which gets lost and you can't do anything about it - and anything is better than the horrible default ai planes in msfs There are ways you can toggle scenery features like static planes in msfs. FSDG did it with their configurator. Orbx central is capable of doing this is other simulators - so why not in msfs?
  3. Now, Ponta Delgada got updated. Again, the static airplanes were removed - It only had one single cessna parking there. So why even bother!? Also it got optimized for XBOX. What does this mean exactly? Has the quality been downgraded alongside removing static airplanes to run well on XBOX? And why do PC-users have to download the XBOX compatibility version? I don't get it. Orbx Central isn't available on XBOX so why not just provide the XBOX version only in the marketplace? Would really love an explanation.
  4. After the latest update I noticed the static airplanes has been removed. Is this on purpose?
  5. Since todays update (4.1.37) I have a similar problem. I choose "PayPal" as payment method than I press the "PayPal"-Button. A window opens but closes immediately again. So I can't log into paypal and finish the purchase.
  6. Hello Noel, I don't know what you are referring to? I haven't done a London video yet. But I will make one when Orbx fixes the landmarks pack and the world is alright again @wain71 Thanks
  7. Will the landmark packs only contain certain cities or are whole region like the existing (TE)regions planned aswell? I think it would be cool if Orbx would take all of the landmarks, POI's, vfr navigation points, powerlines etc. of the previous regions and bring them to MSFS and of course many more. I would be really happy to see the castle of my small hometown again which was part of the "germany south" region.
  8. Sorry, didn't know it was already asked. Sounds great. Looking forward to it.
  9. Hello, in the last days I'm getting alot of updates via Orbx central for various products. But I can't find what was updated. I guess there are only minor things that changed. But I'm still curious what was updated. So, I think it would be cool to have a changelog section in Orbx central.
  10. I experienced the same. It's only the car traffic at the airport that is driving backwards. The cars in the surroundings drive normal.
  11. Or you make an option in ftx central where you are able to choose your prefered season. Then it downloads and installs it in your sim. If you want to change the season, you download a new one via ftx central which will replace the current one. I know this isn't an optimal solution for people with slow internet connections but acctually you only have to change the season 4-5 times a year.
  12. Thanks guys and thanks HiFlyer for posting. I'm also very excited about PNW
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