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  1. Glacier Park Intl Airport...KFCA (In FMC it is KGPI) and in Aussie Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast,Queensland.
  2. Hey Spok...I got a look alike (doppleganger)have I ...He obviously not colour blind and reached his dream of flying... Lucky,handsome guy..hee hee Cheers stu
  3. Hi Everyone. Heres me taken a few months ago. Born Christchurch NZ,1961. Worked Air NZ,Newmans Air,Ansett NZ all at Christchurch Airport. Father Airline Pilot. Lived Malaysia,Singapore and Brunei between 1968 and 1974.Dad was flying for various Asian Airlines at the time. Imigrated to Aussie in 1991,Worked Air NZ at Brisbane Airport for 12 years. Moved to Virgin Australia 6 years ago and am a Load controller for them in the Network Ops centre in Brisbane. Married with One 21 year old son who has just moved out(at last),so wife and i are empty nesting. Love Aircraft..wanted to be a pilot but am colour blind..which was a show stopper back in the 70s and 80s. Fly radio control aircraft and love golf...and love the Mighty All Blacks. Sister and cousins still live Christchurch.I have been back there quite a bit since the earthquakes.Absolutely shattering experience to go back and see the city you love and grew up just trashed...very upsetting indeed !! I love simming and this forum..great to share with like minded people. Cheers Stu.
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