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  1. We are lucky that most of our team that are not moderators, also have the mod permissions and are able to take action where needed. John has done a great job setting up an international team that with the differences in timezones, means there is almost 24 hour coverage of someone who can hide a post if it is offensive. For those who may not see it, that is probably why. By the time you are reading one forum thread, there is one of us removing something you didn't need to read or be subjected to. If you are seeing an increase (original op) of people being inconsiderate, that may be laregely due to a global shift in the way people tend to treat each other on the internet and the lack of consequences for the 'trolls'. We don't tollerate them here. Period. So if you do see it, it's likely it won't last long.
  2. Kudos for you for approaching it the way you have fiftysix. When we moderate posts, some times a members reaction is to immediately post a "why was my post removed" message. You however took the time to review the TOS and understand our reasoning and it is much appreciated by the team.
  3. That was also my thought J Van E, mfcjon, do me a favor and switch to summer season and see if the issue still persists, because dependent on what your season settings are, it could be set through the season change, which is either in the past or very soon for most of us.
  4. Greg, what fixed wing is that? I have never seen a functional rear mirror on an aircraft aht actually shows anything more than an image capture versus live display. I have to have it!
  5. It still amazes me the ideas some have that just come out stunning. Well done mate. So out of interest, how many layers of paper did you end up using for the backlighting to work well? does it still have any bleed through?
  6. I lost interest in that show when they switched the company they were doing it with. The second round seems faked as they have video of them taking off from outside of the aircraft. For the perceived "danger' they seem to be in, you wouldn't leave a cameraman on the ground to face the music after you took someones million dollar aircraft.
  7. The real headsets are a blast, I did that in a Bell 206 sim I helped construct, we had one of the first tests of pilot edge running in that, so it was neat to talk to a real controller. Heck, Frank is so smart, he could probably wire an input to the kitchen in the house so the minister of finance doesn't even have to come into the sim room to get his attention
  8. Cracking video mate. The dev side part was awesome!
  9. Wow! you must have some great engraving connections or your own setup! Those are first rate. Did you do reverse engraving on clear perspex? I have looked at some perspex that is black for about 1/3 and the rear is opaque white, so the laser engraver cuts through the black leaving the white able to be illuminated from the rear. I trialed it with a small switch panel I made from a leo bodnar board and some wiring instructions the man himself designed for me using some resistors and LED's so once I get my shell built I will look to using that setup to wire everything once I get my plan put together.
  10. That screen looks awesome Frank. Well done mate!
  11. From my experience, when you connect one of these smaller monitors, it acts as a grain on the GPU. As long as you have a fairly solid wifi signal, I would go the tablet route with a server client based app. I have tried both and I enjoy the wifi version a lot better and pay no consequences of losing frames as you do by connecting another monitor.
  12. Sambo and Mark. Incredible setups guys. Mark, who made your custom front plates for the DH6? That is the kind of thing I am looking at doing one day possibly.
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