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  1. David, sometimes it's with great difficulty, but being a cop yet dont tend to ask too many questions and just look at you funny lol
  2. Frank, Years ago I used to have a musuem like finished RMS Titanic with real portholes and back lighting build into a wall in a conference room attached to my office. It was the whole highlight of the decor. Visitors would come in and I would get to expound on my other obsession (before Leonardo Caprio), all things Titanic (since 12 years old). What are you doing with the one behind the mazda? It looks about a 1:350 scale, or is it larger? If we ever meet DO NOT ask me about the ship. I will gush on for hours and hours. Instead pick the next subject in line - Flying. Spirit Flyer Ah, Better steer away from Theology too... Spirit Flyer, I am also a pre movie Titanic buff although no so much since about 20 but I used to have all kinds of books on her. Great subject though.
  3. Trans, while still a while away yep your the closest to me I think! @ Dave, there are several different ways, you first of all need the voice server Teamspeak which is a supers simple voice server to set up, without going into massive amounts of detail on the forum, shoot me an email at spd6683@gmail.com and I will shoot you one back with all the programs, links to the programs you need (all freebies) and how to set them up. And after that if you get stuck we can get on the teamspeak server and I or someone else can wlak you through to troubleshoot. We are always looking for others to join the online flights, me especially with you guys from the UK as your closer to my timezone that Australia, I either have to be on early in the morning or late at night to get on with fellow Aussies Cheers
  4. G'day Nick and welcome, great to learn about some more simmers @ Dave and Iain, great that you guys have things in common, thats what I love about this thread and this forum!
  5. Good to see and learn a little bit more about the man behind the screenies! so when are you going to multiplayer fly with us?
  6. Bite your tongue young man I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCENT! and the simple answer to your question is it is VERY different, the food is different, the people are very different, by different I mean it has good and bad, people are facinated by my accent and that is good for people skills but the downside is people in the midwest are very insular a lot of them have never left the state and its quite common to find people who have never left the country so that being said a lot of them can be very simple in the ways of the world. No offence intended to anyone from the US its just my impression of people in my area.
  7. Thats the spirit Tom! Bloody hell, I had no idea even from speaking to you on TS that you were so young (sounds like a 30 year old man! LOL) you lucky there are a bunch in Werribee area, try being stuck in the midwest, I cant find a single simmer within 300 miles!
  8. There are a bunch of people who still havent shown their ugly mugs! I would personally like to be able to put faces to names, but I do understand some peoples craving for annonymity here, but if you feel like it, everyone loves learning about other members. Cheers
  9. Great that shes on side mate. I cant speak highly enough of the bluetooth addon, I have used it in a bell 206 and its fantastic, sure beats stuffing the blackberry into one ear and trying to talk over the rotor noise (trust me I have been both the one recieving a call from the cockpit and making one that way and its no fun!)
  10. I have a set of DC H10-13 but they of course are a helo headset, they are more designed for noise cancellation with all the noise a helo makes, I personally have not had the head squash effect, but that said I have used bose helo headset in an EC120 and it was nothing short of amazing, so if you have the dosh mate I say go for the bose, but if you dont then there is nothing wrong with the DC's I just personally cant justify the $800 odd they go for here, like Steve said, thats almost 3 lessons for me lol
  11. Hahahaha Lynn Kosky has some answering to do doesn't she!, oh yeah but she doesn't want people calling her to tell her of their troubles right? lol
  12. So funny remembering back to 20 years ago Melbourne, I grew up in Taylors lakes and what was a massive scotch thistle wasteland is now fully populated between Taylors Lakes all the way to Sydenham. I almost fell over when I returned in 2006 for the first time and saw Sydenham was now part of a regualr train service and not V/Line!
  13. duh! are you serious! make with the photos! my email is in my profile Paul!
  14. Yeah come on all you fuglies.... show yourselves LOL! I havent heard fugly since I was about 17!
  15. Thats why I started this thread, weather we like it or not, we are all one big disfunctional family of FS Addicts! its nice to know the others in the support groups! lol
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