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  1. Good one mate..do you feel proud or depressed by reaching 8000 !! Stu
  2. great shot..looks like its about to burst out of my screen Stu
  3. Nice set mate..A beautiful looking Aircraft indeed. Stu
  4. Slight Over run onto grass,Got to touch down right at the start of the runway to make it. Good Fun though. Stu
  5. Excellent set Martyn. Cheers Stu
  6. Thanks Guys. I am in the middle of Hiking Training as I am Hiking 2000 Miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in the States middle of next year.It will take me about 4 months. I am hiking from Yosemite Valley in California,,right thru Oregon and Washington and ending in Canada. So not flying as much at the moment. But after my big adventure over I will be back with a vengence. PS...absolutely love Megis Field. Cheers Stu
  7. Hey Adam. I am still FSX Believe it or not, I havnt posted a screenshot in so long that I cant remember what I changed my Pixel count to when I am editing the screenshot.. ho hum..it will come back to me mate...just getting old I guess cheers Stu
  8. Thanks Guys. I need to read up on how to post screenshots again I think. Its changed a bit and mine is pretty blurry Anyway..Im back and I will sort it out. Cheers Stu
  9. Thanks Chaps. Ive has a few personel issues but they are just about all behind me. normal transmissions to resume in a week or so cheers stu
  10. I have been away for a while.Big changes in site since I have been gone. Hope I am doing this right..just drag screenies in from my FSX folder ? Cheers Stu
  11. Thanks mate..I have died and gone to heaven...so happy and proud of the outcome Stu
  12. Yep..using Fly Tampa mate Stu Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Great set showing the Big Brown Land Stu
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