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  1. I know several scenery developers needed to update there scenery. Are scenery like LOWI, KBUR, etc ok to install into SU5?
  2. Just wondering if KDAL Dallas Love Field by Bill Womack is still in works and if it will still for for P3D and now MSFS2020?
  3. Last update was on 14 Oct about internal testing near the end of the month. Seeing all other post are locked I figured I ask how it's going if if things are looking promising.
  4. So is KBUR still being worked? I'm not going to install it yet until I see many others post that it has been fixed. I purchased it on day one release and was one of the first to post about the performance issues.
  5. I did the same. Lucky I only paid the upgrade price. I had high hopes for Burbank. Watched 3 more streamers tonight try to fly into KBUR and they all had the same performance issues. It was painful to watch when they hit that performance wall.
  6. Yes, it runs better at lower resolution. I've already tried it in MSFS2020. The 1080ti is simply being pushed to the limit with some scenery at 4K. Running the sim at a lower res than native looks awful. I'm good to wait for a new card. Just want to report what I and a few others are seeing.
  7. He's a friend of Orbx and I'm sure he will pass on that information. It was at the 1hr 5min mark of today's stream. Again I have it in P3D and it's incredible and runs great at 4K on my system. I'll just have to wait until I get a 30 series card to enjoy it. I'm already at high/med 100/100 and I'm not going to turn it down any further just to get KBUR working when all other Orbx scenery work silky smooth.
  8. I watched Chewwy94 streams today and while he was on approach to KBUR when his 2080ti/9900K tanked to 15FPS on approach. It wasn't until he restarted the sim that his FPS picked back up. He's been showing casing MSFS2020 for several weeks and this was the first time I seen his system have a hard time with any scenery.
  9. I'm on the latest driver and I already have render scaling and terrain level of detail set to 100. I even went down to 80. There is actually a great settings guide on the MSFS forums. For now I have uninstalled KBUR and I'll wait until I get a 3080 series card. KBUR pushed the 1080ti pretty hard compared to my LOWI or KDEN sceneries. I guess the min requirement will be a 2080ti.
  10. I just installed and did a quick flight around KBUR. I own the P3D version so I got the discount. First thing I noticed was the max GPU usage on my 1080ti on a 4K. It was between 95 and 99% on a clear day, no clouds during the day sitting in the analog C172. As soon as I took off it pegged at 100%. I mainly use high to medium setting in MSFS2020. I also have LOWI installed and I don't get a hard of a hit, usually 70%. Something in KBUR is pushing the video and there are no options like in the P3D version to turn features off. Last item, I noticed that when I have KBUR installed, 2020 takes longer to load. Anyone else see this?
  11. How’s the blending if you don’t own TrueEarth Northern California or NA Northern California?
  12. I had similar issues with KBUR. Did you rename the Dynamic Light file and see if that is it? How is it in the day time? Renaming the DL in KBUR gave me great performance at night.
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