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  1. Won't installing Orbx Global, Trees and Landclass over write the new PBR textures in 5.3?
  2. Any update on this project or is it dead in the water?
  3. Looks like it might have been a SODE issue. I looked at the SODE log file and noticed a lot of errors with KSJC. I uninstalled KSJC it but still had log errors. I deleted the KSJC XML and folder from SODE and reinstalled Orbx KSJC and it seems to have helped. I did one flight with no pause. I will do another in a few just to be sure.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Below are my system specs. I'm doing another flight now and I'll report back after I land. I may have come across something. My Specs added to my signature.
  5. I've been using P3Dv5 for over a year now with no issues or CTD's. Two days ago I decided to fly into KSJC in the PMDG 737 from KSAN and everything was going great, silky smooth. With airport loaded in the distance, 5 mile final for 30L my sim pauses for up to 30 secs, no CTD and then it resumes and I can land. I can take off with no issues and I did two more flights into KSJC, one from KLAX and another from KPHX. Same thing happened, same location. Again the airport is loaded up as I can see the terminal and runways clearly. I can fly over KSJC into KSFO with no issues. I don't have this issues with any other payware airport and I have tons installed. Any suggestions on what might be causing the long pause? Note: all these flights where night time arrivals. If I disable the Orbx KSJC and land at the default P3D KSJC I don't have this issue. I have the following installed for the area: Orbx NA LC Orbx Global Base Orbx Vector Orbx KSJC Flightbeam KSFO
  6. I know several scenery developers needed to update there scenery. Are scenery like LOWI, KBUR, etc ok to install into SU5?
  7. Just wondering if KDAL Dallas Love Field by Bill Womack is still in works and if it will still for for P3D and now MSFS2020?
  8. Last update was on 14 Oct about internal testing near the end of the month. Seeing all other post are locked I figured I ask how it's going if if things are looking promising.
  9. So is KBUR still being worked? I'm not going to install it yet until I see many others post that it has been fixed. I purchased it on day one release and was one of the first to post about the performance issues.
  10. I did the same. Lucky I only paid the upgrade price. I had high hopes for Burbank. Watched 3 more streamers tonight try to fly into KBUR and they all had the same performance issues. It was painful to watch when they hit that performance wall.
  11. Yes, it runs better at lower resolution. I've already tried it in MSFS2020. The 1080ti is simply being pushed to the limit with some scenery at 4K. Running the sim at a lower res than native looks awful. I'm good to wait for a new card. Just want to report what I and a few others are seeing.
  12. He's a friend of Orbx and I'm sure he will pass on that information. It was at the 1hr 5min mark of today's stream. Again I have it in P3D and it's incredible and runs great at 4K on my system. I'll just have to wait until I get a 30 series card to enjoy it. I'm already at high/med 100/100 and I'm not going to turn it down any further just to get KBUR working when all other Orbx scenery work silky smooth.
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