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  1. Thanking you for letting me know but it is a weird situation in not being able to ask about an Orbx product against a 3rd party about an airport who has been accepted by the community recently. You hear me all RTMM users... Anyway I love Orbx and I have spent a lot more than a grand on their products along the years. I am not complaining as I know I can always accomplish that in other forums. But I have always liked these forums
  2. And speaking about PAKT Orbx just released it for MSFS today Not sure how it olds up against the NSS version; Anyone?
  3. I agree that Orbx airports for p3d are good. But for most of them it isn't just a port and sell approach. Most of their bestsellers are outdated and proper work is required for MSFS to make them an accurate quality product worth selling in 2021. I think also a lot of the original developers are not in Orbx anymore.... In the mean time they are still porting some of their oldies, and have partnered with heaps of studios lately to give us quite a nice list of new scenery for MSFS... And it costs half the price of a p3d scenery, really enjoying that bit about MSFS This is a new platform, Dont expect to see the same developers doing all the same again. Already there are some newcomers, some coming from other sims doing some great stuff even if it isnt sold on Orbxdirect. Some have even made a better scenery than what is available for p3d by Orbx. Ketchikan is an example. (Not bashing on Orbx PAKT at all, the time and technology were different for a complex airport design) Give me a "Bryce Canyon" anyday against a newly developped Ketchikan Enjoy the fun times ahead!
  4. I think for the price it is worth for both an improved mesh and PAJN airport. I own all the other panhandle airports by other 3rd party, and they cost as much each. If you enjoy flying in Alaska it is a straight buy from me.
  5. Some screenies of Juneau airport itself for those wondering what the inclusion of PAJN in Alaska mesh looks like... Featuring pink UFO's or aircraft missing textures, not sure
  6. And the answer is yes. I had just a quick look and it looks like a rebuild. At first glance it is similar that their FSX version with updated textures. Never been to Alaska and I aint familiar with the Juneau airport IRL so I cant say if it is an accurate representation of PAJN in 2021 or merely an updated port. Spotted an Alaskan airline 737 and an Air Canada CRJ at the gates. The water runway and pontoons with static sea planes is there. So are the red GA hangars
  7. @Andrew Hunter-Graham@daan_vb Agree with both of you guys. It is a mystery as to why it is not stated that PAJN is in fact part of the product in the store.... Pretty bad marketing because for an airport + a mesh product the price is quite alright. And it isnt just a small dirt field either, it is the dang state capital airport(and a favourite of mine) The way it is announced in a locked and almost invisible announcement thread, make it sounds like Orbx wanted this to be an easter egg rather than a marketable asset....
  8. Thank you for including Juneau in this product Now hoping for an Orbx PAHO !
  9. I myself have been waiting for KRDD v5. I assume it is not a straight forward port and I have no idea if it will ever comes... Probably would have been converted by now if it wasnt the case.
  10. Sydney cityscape for P3D I think I have been waiting for that since the very first time I started simming. We had a couple of OZX addons for FSX, that would build up the north Sydney area. But unfortunately it does not play well on current P3D. Cant wait to see the full CBD!!!!
  11. Thanks for clarifying We are definitely missing a true representation of the cliffs and coves.
  12. Just purchased And will gladly buy it again if it comes for p3d! In fact it is the one product that I think is still missing for that sim. Not sure if I will get to fly tonight but I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get some time.
  13. You are seeing the exact same information we are all seeing. But in general when things get announced by Orbx they get released shortly afterwards. Exact dates are never given for good reasons
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