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  1. I have installed ORBX global, vector and openlc NA alongside FSDT Hawaiian sceneries. But what I have noticed is that the terrain does not look normal. The ground textures appear to be blocky. I have had the same sceneries installed in v3 without a problem. Can someone please help!
  2. Did doing that solve the problem for you?
  3. Just updated to p3dv4.2 and noticed issues at night. There seem to be weird blue patches appearing despite it being totally normal during the day. Any suggestions? (also using FlyTampa Syndey)
  4. By default it's at a high priority than the orbx scenery
  5. I have recently installed ORBX FTX global, vector and openlc NA alongside some FSDT scenery. While flying around the Hawaiian islands, I have noticed that the terrain all blocky and there is not a smooth transition between the urban areas and the rural areas. I have attached a screenshot of Hilo airport below and the screenshot shows the problems I have been facing. I'm not sure if this issue is caused by a incompatibility between fsdt and orbx. Can someone please help me!
  6. I have just recently switched to p3d v4.1 and have attempted to install ftx global, ftx vector and openlc NA. However while in the New York area, I have been experiencing some extreme scenery tearing in which there are big blue random patches appearing all over the terrain. I would really like to get this problem resolved but so far I havent been able to come up with a solution myself. I am pretty sure that this is a problem with the orbx sceneries as I have no other addons installed. Can someone please help me!
  7. I have been getting a few issues surrounding Sydney in the Orbx Australia region. For some reason, near the city centre, the terrain doesn't load properly and weird tiles are generated instead (as seen in the image attached) 2017-10-10_19-2-23-266.BMP
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