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  1. Fantastic shots - what sim is this? Kev
  2. Sorry to hear this, Iain. Take it easy and put yourself first from now on. I have a similar problem, and the medication and lifestyle I was put on is such that I’m back to normal and I don’t really think of it much. Get well soon, Kev
  3. It’s at High Wycombe, just beside the M40 motorway. Has some flying schools, gliders and a Blue Max Film museum. (The Blue Max was filmed there). It’s also very close to the London Heathrow TMA which makes for careful flying. Kev
  4. Nice shots - when I fly from Booker we always call abeam the Golden Ball inbound to the field - amazing that it’s made it to the Orbx scenery!
  5. Thank you! Thanks Iain Thank you Mikee
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