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  1. Nick Cooper's post in //42 Chaseplane - NO download available was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the forums.
    You will both need to use the latest installer, Orbx Central.
  2. Nick Cooper's post in Parallel//42 products was marked as the answer   
    Hello onlineflug.
    I have just followed the instructions given in this link
    You could try that perhaps.
    I have also moved the topic into the Chaseplane support forum for you.
  3. Nick Cooper's post in Immersion addon was marked as the answer   
    I note this also:
    from another document that may have been overlooked.
  4. Nick Cooper's post in Installed, Hard To Tell if Working. was marked as the answer   
    PrecipitFX never did start up with the sim.
    It is a set of enhanced replacement effects, added to each aircraft and not visible until that aircraft is flown
    in conditions that generate effects.
  5. Nick Cooper's post in Moisexy was marked as the answer   
    I can only read the same as the customers do and it seems clear that the A320 immersion package
    is not for P4D v4.
    Indications that it is not:
    1. The Aerosoft aircraft model that it is designed for does not work in P3D v4.
    2. The compatible simulators are listed on its Orbx Direct product page and P3D v4 is not listed.
    3. It does not appear at all in Orbx Central, when started for P3D v4.
    If it was purchased in error, you could ask for a refund or exchange using a support ticket.
  6. Nick Cooper's post in Can't install was marked as the answer   
    Hello Richard,
    it look like it is not for P3D v4.
    I expect that this can be sorted out with a support ticket
  7. Nick Cooper's post in Unable to install produts was marked as the answer   
    you will all need to use Orbx Central, not FTX Central.
    Here is a topic that explains why.
  8. Nick Cooper's post in Vector Issues - Water Tiles On Land (Coastal ) was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the forums.
    Please try this:
  9. Nick Cooper's post in FTX Global Trees HD issue was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the forums and thank you for the detailed illustration of your problem.
    You cannot see HD trees until you untick "Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation" and then restart P3Dv4.
    You will then see the trees you have purchased.
  10. Nick Cooper's post in Vector Libary Insertion Point was marked as the answer   
    FTX Central places the Vector entries below Africa.
    This should put them just above the default scenery entries.
    Please check where Africa is in your scenery library.
    The insertion tool should look like this, subject to the note I have added in yellow.

    Looking at this, I suspect that you have created your own version of the scenery library with your own design of
    FTX scenery library entries.
    There should be no "ORBX SCENERY" to be found. 

  11. Nick Cooper's post in Not enough space to download updates when installing was marked as the answer   
    welcome to the forum.
    Please try moving your windows temp folders to one of the drives with more space.
  12. Nick Cooper's post in FTXC 3.2 Problem. was marked as the answer   
    Either temporarily disable your anti virus software or exclude FTX Central from it.
    Re-install FTX Central.
  13. Nick Cooper's post in orbx and south florida was marked as the answer   
    Yes the installation fix must be exact to work.
    As for your second question, it needs to be asked somewhere else.
    Do I  understand correctly that your simulator and the FTX products are now working as they should?
  14. Nick Cooper's post in "LOWI" Line appears in the air was marked as the answer   
    Good news.
    Ground scenery shadows have never worked very well in FSX and are best left 
    switched off.
  15. Nick Cooper's post in massive ground texture problem was marked as the answer   
    I have been able to replicate this and the error seems to be caused by the modified lclookup.bgl.
    Either that or we are both making the same mistake.
    Please go to ORBX\Scripts\unified\backup where you will find the original.
    Copy and paste it into Scenery\BASE\Scenery and let it overwrite.
    This should correct the anomalies but they will return when you run FTX Central next and you
    will need to do the same again.
    I have asked for advice from the developers.
  16. Nick Cooper's post in The new Vector 1.51 has error exception windows... was marked as the answer   
    I will ask what has happened.
  17. Nick Cooper's post in runway issues and grass was marked as the answer   
    Hello Michel,
    The screen shot seems not to be visible.
    here is a helpful guide.
  18. Nick Cooper's post in FTXCv3 Reports Vector 1.45 Update Available But..... was marked as the answer   
    Go to ORBX\User documents\Versions and open FTX_GLOBAL_VECTOR_PACK.txt
    with Notepad.
    Copy and paste this text over what is there.
    FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.45 August 2016
    Save the file and restart FTX Central.
    The update message should be gone.
  19. Nick Cooper's post in FTC central has stopped working - Can't find path. was marked as the answer   
    Try the FSX Registry Utility from this page.
    Use it to set the FSX path to where you have FSX SE installed.
    You should then see an FSX choice or it will read FSX at the top left when you start FTX Central and it should work.
  20. Nick Cooper's post in FSX Steam not detected by Orbx installers was marked as the answer   
    If your Steam Edition is the only FSX version on your PC, you can use the FSX Registry Utility on this page to
    create the required registry entries and then install to the FSX option that you will see.
  21. Nick Cooper's post in Freeware AI Traffic texture misplacementt was marked as the answer   
    It looks as if the .dds texture is the wrong way up.
    I have turned it over and attached the file to go in
    FTX AU Cessna 177 Cardinal\texture.VH-WWZ.
    Unzip it first please.
  22. Nick Cooper's post in installing P3D scenery in FSX-Steam was marked as the answer   
    Maybe not then, it does seem to say exclusively for P3D and it would be a waste
    if it doesn't.
    If it had been freeware, I would have recommended giving it a try but I doubt if you
    would have any support from them unless it was in P3D.
  23. Nick Cooper's post in Issues for the RKSO Airport was marked as the answer   
    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    If you tick the Vector parts that you un-ticked again and instead use the FTX Global VectorConfiguration Tool
    to disable Airport Elevation Correction for the airport, it should look as intended.
    You will find the tool in FTX Central\Settings\Tools.
  24. Nick Cooper's post in What happened to the docks? was marked as the answer   
    This is the Vector forum, apparently support is given by the Vector team.
    I see the same as you do at the same location.
  25. Nick Cooper's post in Need I uninstall OpenLC CA, Alaska? was marked as the answer   
    No, just install your new product.
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