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05S Vernonia Muni: A few more shots

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This and Squamish will be my first buys as soon as PNW gets updated for P3Dv2 (no FSX anymore). The vegetation level is awsome!

I already see myself slowboating in a Cub between Vernonia, Goheen and Walter Sutton's. Good times ahead!

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These look great Misha , will this airport work with just FTXG . And will there be a installer for P3D 2.0 ? .






This product is designed for FTX NA PNW and relies on the Holgermesh and region-specific files for the best compatibility.


We will be testing it with P3D 2.0 and the installer will support installation into it.


However the Catch-22 is that we're still upgrading PNW to have the new FTXG lights added and until this work is finished the PNW installer only supports FSX and P3D. We're doing our best to get everything in sync but as you can appreciate there will be an "in between" period.


That said, if you have an accurate mesh (i.e. 10m for the USA) you can try to install the airport with only FTXG and see how you go. It may well 90% ok for the most part, but you may have roads not connecting properly etc.

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