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  1. Very nice video, many thanks for placing this here. Peter
  2. I have bought it Sunday but downloaded it this morning in 45 minutes and installed in 15 minutes. It looks great and many thanks to the team for there great work. Peter
  3. Thanks Jay for these words. Peter
  4. I wish you good luck and I like to thank you for all your great work for us. Peter
  5. Hi Caroline, thank you for this information and give Terry my best wishes. From Peter in The Netherlands.
  6. Thank you for letting us know. In the past I have a regular contact with TC by Skype, but because of the time different between him and me ,7 hours, I lost contact. I hope he will recover soon.
  7. Many thanks for this second part of your great work. Peter
  8. I also have Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 and I have no problems with installing Monument Valley SP1. Peter
  9. Happy birthday Mark, and many more years in good health. Peter
  10. Happy birthday Ryan, and many more years in good health. Peter
  11. Happy birthday Vlad, and many more years in good health. Peter
  12. Holger, du musst wirklich was besonderes sein!! Heute haben 19.484.822 menschen geburtstag, aber ich hab nur an dich gedacht !!!! Happy Birthday. Peter
  13. Happy Birthday Ian, and many more years in good health. Peter
  14. No problems on this side, I have downloaded and installed Broome, Cairns and Queenstown and they all are working. I use IDM for downloading and they were from the Germany server. You may try another server. Peter
  15. Nice shots Stu, and the credits for this airport scenery go's to Anthony Lynch. Peter
  16. Very nice video and with many compliments for the pilot, who make this to a safe landing. Peter
  17. Just ordered YPEC and YHBA the two missing airports in Australia. Thanks John for this offer. Peter
  18. Hello Garland, I use a laptop for FSX now for more than 4 years. See the specifications in my settings. A few months ago I bought a second laptop a Asus G750JS-T4067H i7-4700HQ,8/750GB+512 special for FSX. And I can tell you that FSX runs very smoothly. FSX is installed on the HDD and windows 8.1 is installed on the 256 GB SSD. Peter
  19. Thanks Richard for posting. Very interesting video,and a amazing development and so small that it fits around your wrist. Peter
  20. Very nice video Rob, thanks for posting. Peter
  21. Very nice shots, and many thanks for posting. Peter
  22. OK Richard, but how do we recognize each other? You can find my email address here on this forum and I can send you a recent photo from myself to your email address. Peter
  23. Hi Richard, I will be there on Saturday. I live in Alkmaar and that is about 80 km by car. Maybe we can meet each other. Peter
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