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Happy Thanksgiving U.S.A.

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Thanks very much, my northern friend.


Now as  a "Yankee" (not the baseball team) I don't consider ourselves "Southern" but all things are relative.  My wife's paternal grandmother objected to my wife's father's choice of a bride because she was a "Southerner."  The bride, my wife's mother, was from the "deep south state" of Illinois!  But Grandmother was from north central Minnesota, so as I say, all things are relative.


For our chums elsewhere on this globe, by no stretch of the imagination is Illinois a Southern State.  But apparently Grandmother disliked Easterners just as much, and (Oh the horror!) her granddaughter married one!  But nevertheless Grandmother adored JFK.  Go figure!  I never met Grandma Stennes.  My bride didn't want me to, and besides, she passed on just a couple of months after we were married.



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