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An oldie Big Bash - Aussie style

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From many of the music comments - of some of you baby boomers - a trip Down Under might serve you 


Big Red Bash: Insane scenes as 11,000 festival fans take over Birdsville | photos | news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site


For info - Birdsville is as far West as one can in Queensland - famous for its pub - Horse Races ---- and YBDV

park outside the pub



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On 7/6/2022 at 3:15 PM, Rodger Pettichord said:

John, and here I thought Australians were a quiet, sedate people who stayed home and ate shrimp from the barbie. Another illusion shattered! :(

Just a little addition - 11000 people have world record for a nut bash dance - a sort of western dancing7a6ef2c0e6fd8513315a89ef8e87606b.thumb.jpg.d66507f4e2f4b0f474e500655e652964.jpg

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