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Don't even bother to ask me...

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...if I'll share any of this with you. It's all going to the cat shelter.



I am REV. FRANK MARTINS JP, director cash processing unit, united bank
for Africa (UBA) the only bank appointed by the O.A.U members led by
John Kuffor the former president of Ghana.Due to on going fraud in
west Africa countries where some
innocent beneficiaries were asked to pay in advance before receiving
their money. The above Africa union and I.M.F held a meeting in Benin
Republic and resolved to pay all beneficiaries in cash through
diplomatic courier service.

The union has approved and appointed United Bank For Africa (UBA) to
pay you the sum of ($5.500,000,00) but due to on going fraud in west
Africa, we have taken (US$10,000) from your fund for handling charges.

Therefore the amount you will be expecting from the diplomat is
($5.490, 000.00) instead of ($5.5M).

We have set up a plan to conclude this transaction with you; hence you
can give us maximum co-operation. We want you to stop further
communication with any person, Bank or courier that has promise to pay
you through bank to bank, western
union, money gram, ATM card, even check, do not listing to them
because Benin Republic financial institution has prohibited such
payment due to fraudulent activities all over the country.

We also understood from the file that you have been dealing with the
fraudsters who has been extorting money from you, my dear as a senior
bank controlling this cash payment now, I advice you not to waste your
hard earn money by paying any body in advance again, and if you just
follow my instruction you will receive your money in three days
time.Your fund will be package in a consignment box and ship through
license diplomatic courier service. I will also send the picture of
your box via attachment to you, for you to view how the money was
package. I will send you more mails to give you more information with
my international passport for you to know the genuine of this

Therefore quickly forward your full name, home address and direct
phone number to me at ( **********@gmail.com)for immediate delivery.

All the documents will be sent to you, if I am assured that you have
stop sending money to those fraudsters. But God will surely judge all
of them who live by cheating, my bible says what shall it profit a man
to gain the whole world and loose his precious soul? I am waiting to
hear from you with the required information.


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You'd think all these fraudulent peeps out around the globe would get tired of typing out these longwinded and, usually, poorly worded emails/messages. If they only put that much energy into doing proper work...ah, one can dream.

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