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Orbx Installed Correctly?

Enes M

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Hello Dear Community,


I am currently in the process of optimizing my SIM, i am really not aware if Orbx is installed corretly or not. i Looked at the P3Dv4 Scenery Libary and Add-Ons.

In the Libary everything is kind of messed up an i dont really get smart out of it. In the Add-Ons Menu i only see TerraFlora2, ObjectFlow and Accu Feel V2....


Can someone help me with how to tell if the addon was installed correctly? I own the Following Obejects:


Simulator: Prepare 3D V4.5

Global Base Pack

Global Buildings HD

Global TerraFlora V2

Global Vector

Orbx ObjectFlow

SODE SimObject Display Engine

TFDI Design RealLight

TFDI Design TrueGlass


Thanks for help and keep Safe!









Scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml add-ons.cfg

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Hi Enes


Just one adjustment is required. Your scenery library insertion point needs to be set correctly.


Please open Orbx Central and go to settings\Insertion Point and select your "JustSim-LTAI v2 P3Dv4" entry as the lowest non Orbx 3rd party entry and set it as per the below image.



OC Insertion Points.PNG

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Hello Doug,

thank you very much for the answer, i have done this now (see Screenhots) is the Orbx Installed?


And all these Base stuff in the 2 Screenhot (Base 01....)? Do they have to be Inside? Or do i need to deleted them.






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Because that always looks like the base pack is missing inside


New Libary after Settings Set... Its that correctly?


(Change that with Bottom in Central)


Edited by Enes M
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You are very welcome, and no, you do not need to do that every time, it is good now.


It will now keep all your non Orbx 3rd party addons above your Orbx any time you install anything.


You will only need to redo it if you remove the "JustSim-LTAI v2 P3Dv4".

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