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  1. Guest

    Orbx help

    Hey I just bought Orbx global base pack for fsx installed it and was going to fly but my fsx doesn’t look like it showed how it would look like in the pictures/videos, the colors in the Orbx product pictures/videos they are much brighter but my fsx is just ugly boring colors is Orbx using any reshade or what program to make their fsx look like that? Pls help because I’m really angry and disappointed why don’t you guys put any download link to the reshade/program you guys used in the videos/pictures in the description!?!? Because that isn’t how it will look like in ur game hope you guys can help me with this because I’m disappointed my fsx doesn’t really look better!!!!!
  2. Orbx is pleased to announce the introduction of Orbs, our new in-game currency! You will be able to earn Orbs to use in the new Orbs Store through various activities. Orbx and Volanta customers will automatically accumulate Orbs when purchasing through OrbxDirect and subscribing to Volanta Premium. Get more rewards when capturing Aerocaches and completing challenges in Volanta. For one week only, get a 2x Orbs Multiplier on all purchases made through OrbxDirect and Volanta. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned! What are the Orbs? Orbx has introduced a form of in-game currency, the Orbs. They are yours to collect and earn by performing various actions and purchasing directly from our store. How do I earn Orbs? Every Orbx customer will be assigned an initial wallet, with some Orbs to start, based on their tenure with Orbx. For example, buying anything from our store or signing up for Volanta Premium will earn you Orbs, as will some activities when you complete them. We are going to add more and more activities to earn Orbs, so stay alert for special days and missions coming up. What do I do with them? Select products from the Orbx store and use Orbs at the checkout. We will also have some exclusive “Orbs only” content and products. Like some of the best things in life, money cannot buy those. Only Orbs can. Can I convert the Orbs to cash? No, Orbs can't be converted to cash or any other currency. Can I "Pass" or gift the Orbs to someone else? Not at this stage. Where can I learn more? More information is available on our Orbs Store and in our Orbs Terms and Conditions.
  3. Just a few from a recent flight into Ibiza to enjoy some European nightlife Landon
  4. Yesterday, after a break of almost a year, I uninstalled P3D5 completely and all Orbx products. I then installed P3D5 v3 which is running ok. I re-installed my Orbx library and found all my purchases still there. However, I cannot get them to P3D scenery library. I run Windows 10 and use 3 HDDs. Drive C 250gb is my Local; Drive E 250gb is P3Dv5; Drive F Orbx products. i followed all LM's instructions, yet do not know whether to install scenery files into P3D folder or create another library. Should i remove all Orbx once again and install as from scratch? How do I do this? There seems to be no connection between the Orbx scenery files and the simulator. Please bear with me and see if you are able to help me out. Thank you, Tom
  5. Just the best shots from todays adventure around Glentanner in the Southern Alps in NZ. Gotta love Orbx mesh and the SWS Kodiak.. Great pair.
  6. Hello Dear Community, I am currently in the process of optimizing my SIM, i am really not aware if Orbx is installed corretly or not. i Looked at the P3Dv4 Scenery Libary and Add-Ons. In the Libary everything is kind of messed up an i dont really get smart out of it. In the Add-Ons Menu i only see TerraFlora2, ObjectFlow and Accu Feel V2.... Can someone help me with how to tell if the addon was installed correctly? I own the Following Obejects: Simulator: Prepare 3D V4.5 Global Base Pack Global Buildings HD Global TerraFlora V2 Global Vector Orbx ObjectFlow SODE SimObject Display Engine TFDI Design RealLight TFDI Design TrueGlass Thanks for help and keep Safe! Enes Scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml add-ons.cfg
  7. I'm a new comer to Orbx. I have several friend who have bought and who love your products I want to slowly get north America updated as I tend to fly there most often. I have the vector and global bundle in my cart, (this is the 4 item bundle that seems to be recommended to start my journey with you guys.) so after all of that, what do I need to get all airports and runways and gates updated all at once in north America only? the product page is a bit confusing. I have the following in my cart. My friend said that I only need these 4 to update my airports' runways, gates, etc? Somehow I don't think so. I am on a tight budget right now so I want to start out with something. Global Buildings HD Global VECTOR Global BASE Pack Global TerraFlora v2 thanks.
  8. Quick flight up from Amsterdam to Malmo, can only show the end though, I think I need to check though before the flight because when I park my plane just looks to big at this airport...talking of landing it was poor this time, a bit bouncy, won't be getting good reviews from the PAX....all default except ESMS.... Just to big!!! thanks for viewing....
  9. Hi there, I purchased the London landmarks pack via Orbx Central for MSFS2020. Installed this, and the loaded up the sim & it seems only some landmarks have been added. Example, the Emirates cable carts and Battersea Power station are now there but BT tower is missing, London Eye is missing, some of Canary Wharf is missing. It is all showing as installed in my MSFS content manager but it's clearly not I have attached screenshots, any help would be great Thanks Perry
  10. A few from the newly released Orbx YMEN Essendon, in no particular order. The detail the guys have put into this is incredible. Just gives you an idea how good this is Enjoy, Don
  11. Hello All, I've recently narrowed this down to a confliction between my Orbx Products. Owned Orbx Products Orbx Global base Orbx Vectors Orbx NA OpenLC Orbx NorCAl Orbx Store Order Numbers: 5cd2520b68335 | 5ccfa5ebcf56c ---- *****I do not have any other scenery products installed other than Orbx**** I'm sure this has happened to some of you with high mesh resolution settings. When a user flies over a runway with a "cliff" or sharp terrain changes on final, and at or slightly below the glide slope with a "heavy aircraft"; P3D will suck the aircraft in the ground. Here are various examples of what happens to my aircraft when I fly over a sharp terrain change (1m Mesh Resolution) on final: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-plWAfAxsXY&feature=youtu.be&t=1808 (30:08) if the link does not take you there. Made by a different user having a similar problem. More specifically, I first experienced it when on a KSFO RW28R final in the PMDG 747-8. Here are some detailed pictures of problematic areas (from a different user in a P3D bug report thread). Things I've Tried Vector Terrain Data Correction. KSFO is not listed. Verified all Orbx scenery files. Uninstalling and reinstalling Orbx Norcal Disabling Orbx NorCal. This completely fixes the landing problem, but I'd want to ideally keep the scenery Plus this causes for grass to appear on the runways. After I completely disabled Orbx NorCal, I re-enabled it to attempt to adjust the scenery load priority to have the "Mesh" component of NorCal be pushed all the way at the bottom. Although this fixed the grass on the runway, the elevation data confliction problem made a nasty reappearance. After a little more digging I instead moved the "CVX" component of NorCal to all the way at the bottom, which then fixed the elevation confliction, however thus by doing so "sinking" the textures below/ontop of the runway causing a nasty flickering and splotchy grassy runway. I am at a loss at to what to try next. Does anyone have a solution? It appears that buying FSG Pilot's mesh might be an expensive one... but am willing if I can get someone to confirm this as a fix. Thanks!
  12. I have installed FSimStudios Calgary (CYYC) Scenery. In the description in store it says a few tweaks needed to Orbx NRM. I have Orbx NRM running on P3Dv4 but can't find the "tweaks" listed mentioned listed anywhere. I have turned off a couple of the NRM CYYC BGL files which has removed most of my issues. I have turned off the following files to make FSimStudios CYYC work with Orbx NRM ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl ADE_FTX_NRM_CYYC_Calgary_Intl_CVX However I still have cars and trucks driving up and down taxiway Bravo. Does anyone know what I have to do to remove this traffic? Cheers, Jon B
  13. I've recently changed Fsx Steam installation disk. Everything is working fine exept for the Vector Configurator. Orbx Central recognizes the right path of the installation but when I run the configurator it gives me this message. "No installed simulator was found...FTX Vector Configurator will now exit!" I've tried to unistall and reinstall Global Vector and Orbx Central but nothing changed. P.S. It happens also for Global Base and PrecipitFX Thank you in advance for any kind of help.
  14. Hello, All of a sudden all my airports that i have installed are default but they are showing as installed on Orbx, even the airports i purchased on simmarket have the same issue. My GCTS Is showing as installed but when i log into the sim it's default. I jumped to Orbx BIKF To test and the issue is still the same except this somewhat works. This is very frustrating as i've just spent £200 a few days ago on the Volanta sale and nothing is working. I had to install Orbx object flow last night and that's when this error occured. Please is there any resolouiton for this?
  15. Thank you to Orbx for providing LWSK as freeware. Unfortunately the Airport fails to install via Orbx Central into Prepar3d v4.5. Although the product has been added to my account, when I press "install", then choose Prepar3d I get "Error: Library file does not exist". I recently installed the Global Base Pack without any issues, so am dumbfounded by this error. It will be appreciate if you could advise how I can troubleshoot this issue. I am concerned that should I buy another product I may end up with the same issue. Regards
  16. I have 400mbps download speed with a 20 to 40 mbps upload speed. I am just wondering why is Orbx so slow when downloading it has been taking me days to just install one scenery pack and I still haven't been able to get it downloaded. It's making me confused and upset that I have something I can not use because it won't download fast enough from the servers that are only limited to -3.25 mbps out of Australia.
  17. Hello everybody, I installed Orbx germany north today. Unfortunately I had to find out that the Airport BER is under the new textures. the runway is now made of sand What did I do wrong ? regards Christian
  18. Hello - I would like to start off with how much I truly enjoy the look of X-Plane 11.51 and my Orbx TE titles. They're fantastic. I do have a question about why there seems to be some different coloring to the default roads that are present in the Orbx titles... I'm not sure if this is an Orbx situation or an X-Plane situation - please feel free to set me straight if it's not related to Orbx. Please see the attached picture. The red circles indicate the section of highway about which I am curious. Thanks for any help. Scott
  19. Hi guys, I have a problem regarding the render distance of my Orbx global. As you can see from the screenshot, the scenery stops rendering and the default one can be seen Is there a way to increase the render distance? Thanks.
  20. Hey guys which is the best load order in the scenery libary for germany north and south my other scenerys by Orbx are openlc and base and airports. All other scenerys are by other devs. Thank you very much
  21. Hi All. I am new here and in dire need of assistance. The default installation path (C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Programs\Orbx-central) has become corrupt on my system. I had the same problem with Prepad3d v4, which I resolved by changing the installation path to another drive. My question therefore is how can I change the installation path for Orbx central to another drive as that will resolve my issue with Orbx Central as well (please see the error message in the uploaded image). Unfortunately when you install this program you have no control over the installation path. Any assistance will be appreciated. Regards, Johann
  22. I have elevation issue with the default airstrip 4Z5 and Orbx NA Southern Alaska. How to fix this?
  23. Hello, I recently purchased ESMS Malmo and ESGG Lemverder -Gothenburg I am intending to upgrade my system installing an additional SSD and increase RAM, will the new SSD "see"" the operating system simulator IE P3DV4.5 and will I be able to add scenery from Orbx to my system utilising the new drive. My second question is when downloading new scenery I note you get a choice of where to locate the the new scenery ie with thin P3D or another external scenery library it always says if unsire put it in the P3D location scenery library what are the pros and cons of scenery location library's when installing new scenery packages. I ask this as my C Drive SSD (1TB) is up to 50% capacity and I am hoping if I chose i can still obtain any additional scenery I may want and use with P3D v4.5
  24. I`m completing a new pc for simulation: Asus Prime X299 motherboard + I9-10940X processor + Geforce GTX 2080TI graphic card + 128GB DDR4 3000 RAM (8X16GB Corsair Vengeance). Will use the same 3 1TB SSD configuration that I have now in my "old" pc (one for OS, one for P3Dv4.5+, one for sceneries addons) and I have just one question for ORBX people. After installing Win10 64bit Pro (new install) in C drive, with P3Dv4.5+ in 2nd SSD drive can I just plug 3rd SSD drive (containing ORBX and aerosoft's sceneries) and it will work or do I need to make a new install? Tks
  25. Near 1S2. I can only say Wow.... I had tried this scenery in v5. Today I installed it in v4.5. IMHO, in v4.5 this TE region looks even more magnificent.
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