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  1. Hello Dear Community, I am currently in the process of optimizing my SIM, i am really not aware if Orbx is installed corretly or not. i Looked at the P3Dv4 Scenery Libary and Add-Ons. In the Libary everything is kind of messed up an i dont really get smart out of it. In the Add-Ons Menu i only see TerraFlora2, ObjectFlow and Accu Feel V2.... Can someone help me with how to tell if the addon was installed correctly? I own the Following Obejects: Simulator: Prepare 3D V4.5 Global Base Pack Global Buildings HD Global TerraFlora V2 Global Vector Orbx ObjectFlow SODE SimObject Display Engine TFDI Design RealLight TFDI Design TrueGlass Thanks for help and keep Safe! Enes Scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml add-ons.cfg
  2. Hi guys, I am updating Orbx Great Britain North to version 1.2.0. The update has been running for almost 24 hours now and it has not even reached 75%. Also when I installed US Norther California HD the other day, the installation took over 2 days. Is there a reason why the installation takes so long? My internet connection is not the problem. Extracting and converting just takes fore ver, even though I have a powerful computer (RTX 2080super; i7 9700k; 32GB RAM). Thanks a lot in advance! With kind regards Luca
  3. After doing my best here, I am still finding conflicting and baffling information on installation and order of scenery. Is the previous Global Base folded into the new OpenLC Europe? I don't believe it's working, because Vesuvius doesn't look as advertised, unless I picked the wrong biggest mountain on the Bay of Naples. Everything installed through Central into a recognized library and added in the scenery option until OpenLC Europe, which surprised me as I'll show. First products: Global Base with Trees just above it, moved *below* all the third-party (including Orbx) airports. Everything from Orbx is installed from Central into a folder I created called "Orbx Library" in my user folder and added through P3Dv5's scenery. There was a nice difference in the way the world and the trees looked. I was pretty happy. Second couple of products: OpenLC Europe and Vector, installed the same way. But now something unexpected happens. I get three new files for OpenLC Europe and Global Base disappeared. Vector shows up as usual. Now, a cruise around Naples shows no noticeable difference. I also get a message on startup that I'm missing 149 which is 0000 Base, Scenery/0000 So here we go with the pictures that probably reveal I'm an idiot. But it feels like everybody is trying to hit a moving target with P3Dv5. And here's the XML I found in the Orbx folder inside P3Dv5. Nothing shows up in Add-Ons, btw. Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000256 EndHTML:000012759 StartFragment:000000336 EndFragment:000012722 StartSelection:000000336 EndSelection:000012722 SourceURL:file:///C:/Program%20Files/Lockheed%20Martin/Prepar3D%20v5/Orbx/Config/global-base-add-on.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <SimBase.Document id="add-on" version="4,0" Type="AddOnXml"> <AddOn.Name>Orbx Global BASE Pack</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>This add-on package contains Orbx Global BASE Pack.</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Effects</Category> <Path>Effects</Path> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_AA</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_AA</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_EU1</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_EU1</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Orbx\FTX_OLC\OLC_NA1</Path> <Name>Orbx Global BASE_OLC_NA1</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Scenery</Category> <Path>Scenery\Global</Path> <Name>Orbx Global Base Scenery</Name> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>Texture</Path> <Type>GLOBAL</Type> </AddOn.Component> <AddOn.Component> <Category>Texture</Category> <Path>Scenery\World\Texture</Path> <Type>WORLD</Type> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document>
  4. Hello ! I just bought ENNO for FSX and I'm unable to install VIA Orbx central. I don't understand why it's doing that. Orbx central is setup correctly. Is there someone who went thrue this situation ? Enlightment would be very appreciated. Thank you !
  5. If my Prepar3d v4.5 is installed on my SSD (C:), can I install all my Orbx stuff on my Hard Disc (D:)? If so do I need to take any steps to make it work? Sorry if I missed this on my forum search or it's in the wrong place.
  6. Hi there, I purchased EGLC and LOWI for MSFS (premium deluxe) through the Orbx website. I downloaded and installed through Orbx Central (version 4.1.22). However, I'm not able to get both sceneries to work in MSFS, as the don't show up in the simulator. Things I tried; - Installing on a different location through Orbx Central - Installing in a new library through Orbx Central - Uninstalled EGLC/LOWI, re-installed MSFS, installed EGLC/LOWI - Tried the above on different drives - Cleared temporary Orbx files in Orbx Central - Cleared backups in Orbx Central - Resync Simulator in Orbx Central - Restarted PC after every attempt Am I doing something wrong here? Regards, Camiel central.log
  7. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: x plane 11 Screenshot: Issue: i've been having issues with the installation of my True Earth Great Britain North, I've tried the 'verify issues' but with no luck, and i've also tried installing into another location, again with no luck. Just looking for a bit of reassurance as I am not sure what to do as of now. Best regards cameron
  8. Hi Gents, I bought the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter yesterday through Orbx. So far I did not get it running, the power lever is stuck at full beta position and the rudder is not movable at all. I tried to uninstall via Orbx Direct Central and re-installed it but no difference. I am using a non-registered version of FSUIPC. Tried to get in touch with Milviz support 24 hrs ago, but so far no response. Anybody out there with an idea? Thanks... Transaction ID: 5e4fee637c5a6
  9. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: orbx central tech report.txt
  10. At this moment I am rather comfortable with V4.5. In the meantime I read some issues with V5. So, I am anxious to install V5 atthis moment I have the feeling to wait for some time. Is there an advise how to get on? Stay safe deer simmers! Wil
  11. HI there I still have my X-plane version 3 media - before open GL so I have been around X-pane for some time. Thanks for this magnificent looking product as I have been running orthos (g2xpl) for a very long time and like how they compliment X-plane for me. When I stumbled on your products I upgraded my old windows 7 to windows 10 and Orbx Central was the first app I installed. I bought Southern Cal and then just tonight I bought Florida HD. Both of these installs so far have thrown conversion errors and verify files just adds to the log file the same errors again I am not sure what may be missing. log file attached - My Florida transaction ID is: 5ebca6bf19f63 - one fix very well fix them both - thanks! mrfisker orbX_log.txt
  12. I uninstalled and Reinstalled P3Dv5 three times. When I ran FTX Central when I tried run the install Library,I got the following message " Some errors were detected whilst installing Orbx Libraries. The program may not function if these issues are ignored." "1 file failed to extract, run verify file." I ran verify file" but still have some problems. I noticed that when I looked into my scenery file, the following items were greyed out: Global, Generic Vehicle libraries, 0005 Base, Default Scenery, and Default Terrain. So all four of these are greyed out. I installed KSNC (Chester) and there is an elevation problem. I can't get to the KSNC bgl file to rename it to OFF to try and correct the elevation. I am assuming I can't find this file as the 0005 Base is greyed out. Pulling my hair out on this one. Can anyone help me correct this problem? I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall V5 is possible. Thank you
  13. Howdy Folks, Seriously thinking of buying true earth Washington and Oregon. My concern is that my X-Plane drive is nearly full, but I have a number of other drives with lots of space. Is it possible to install these sceneries on another drive where X-Plane is not installed? And if so, how? Thanks! RobP
  14. Operating system: Win 10 Simulator: X-Plane 11 Screenshot: none Issue: X-Plane did not load the scenery after installation with FTX Central and also ORBX Central which led to several retries and downloads of 40 GB of data. a_scenery_packs.ini.backup-orbx b_scenery_packs - CopyOriginal.ini c_scenery_packs.ini central.log
  15. Ciao Pilots! I'm brandnew in this fantastic community and I'm so proud to join! I was very fascinated by the Orbx job looking at photos and videos. That's why I decided to buy it and to install the scenary of South Britain. I have a biiiiig doubt: after have downloaded and installed the add-on, I didn't notice any difference with the old scenary provided by Laminar. I checked into the Xplane folder and it seems that all is ok. Could you be so kind to support me? Many thanks in advance :) Fede
  16. Hello, I installed Global Base for MS Flight Simulator X via ORBX Central; after that I got the information, that the installation was sucessful. Opening the FSX I can see in the scenary library, that there are four files (FTXAA_ORBXLIBS, ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1, ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1, ORBX!OPENLC_zBASE, see attachment). The check boxes for these four are activated. Nevertheless Global Base doesn't work at all, that means that the FSX is running with no problems, but there is definetely no change in the landscape at all (I tried different regions in North America and Europe). I am using a Win 10, 64 Bit system. Do I have anything to do in order to acivate Global Base? What can I do to find the fault? Thanks for your help, Klaus
  17. Hi guys, I've bought ORBX Netherlands in Aerofly fs2 and installed correctly in a separate directory according to Central, but alas, no scenery??? Any ideas??? Thanks in advance, Francis
  18. Hello, Ordernumber: 5b6b2cf9c25d2 Today I bought the True Earth England Part 1 package. I had enormous problems to install it as there were practically no functions to direct to a folder outside C:. I have a rather small C: SSD, actually nearly only for Windows 10. All of my scenery is outside C:\ It already started with the download, until I found a small reference to change that location. For the installation itself I had to temporaily remove files from C:\, then it finally installed. And after that I had to move things around. Why not create an installation-function where the download goes to the user-defined downloadfolder and make a free choice for the final storage-folder? Locationreferences for scenery.cfg and/or add-on.xml had also to be made by me as a consequence. I do really hope that before the availability pof parts 2 and 3 this question is resolved. with kind regards, Piet de Geus Netherlands
  19. I bought FTX Europe earlier and tried to install it, the first time i tried it told me it was interrupted and told me to retry. I did so and got the same message. I only get the message and it will not install. I already tried to locate ftxc3.log and it is not under local/ORBX Purchase Info: https://gyazo.com/e7d78fe50cfb7719954286abd2e6ab4c Thank you in advance!
  20. Hi, After a new computer build and a third re-installation of P3D V4.2, I am confused about my vector installation. I can see from before/after screenshots, that Global is working, but on adding Vector with FTX Central 3, I am not seeing any associated entries in scenery.cfg or scenery library within the sim that I used to see. None of the following are visible: orbx!vector_obj orbx!vector_apt orbx!vector_cvx orbx!vector_exx orbx!vector_aec My questions are: How can I tell these items are present and working? (The folders for vector are present in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D V4\Orbx) Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong? Many thanks. Rob Padgham
  21. The usual Orbx installation process on my computer is as follows: 1. Click "install" in FTX Central 2. Start the sim and see that it didn't work out properly 3. Delete the .txt-file in the "User Documents" folder 4. Go back to FTX central and click "install" again 5. Start the sim and behold the new scenery 6. Notice that all the addon.xml entries got mixed up in the scenery library again, causing problems in other parts of the world 7. Rearrange them with a 3rd-party tool 8. Start the sim and notice that openLC NA doesn't show anymore 9. Repeat steps 3 to 7... The mixed up library entries are not an Orbx problem, of course. Also, not every installation causes OLC NA to disappear. But it's standard for me now that the installation doesn't work properly at the first attempt and thus, I have to revert to the trick of deleting the .txt-file. I think that's surely not what is intended by Orbx. Treat this as a feedback. I wonder if other people have the same "routine".
  22. I have downloaded Realearth Netherlands on a separate drive (E:\) on my system. After downloading was complete, FTX 3 automatically attempted to extract and install all files. This is where things went wrong. For every .zip file in the main directory, I get a popup as enclosed herewith. I have deletede and reinstalled FTX 3 to see if this would solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the process repeats itself. I suspect that FTX 3 tries to install Realearth Netherlands on the same drive as where my other ORBX products are installed (and where Prepar3D v4 resides, which is my D:\ SSDdrive). However, this drive does not contain enough empty space to accommodate such large file. Is there a way to install these file on my E:\ (1TB ) and use it from there? Or can anyone point out as to how to solve this issue? Help is much appreciated.
  23. I got FSX from steam bundled with 5 add-on amongst other Trees HD. Steam indicates that all 5 add-on are Installed, by that is not true. I have now used several hours on forums etc. and not got it to work. My Trees are installed in a folder called; .../steam/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/379565/FTX Trees HD FTX Central can't find it and I'm just lost. How do I activate/install Trees HD I have used the FSX Registry Utility and it point to the right directory and I have only one copy of FS on the PC
  24. Sim: FSX:SE Product: FTX Global Base Pack Order No: 5a36533362afa Had to manually download these because currently testing on a smaller SSD before my larger capacity one arrives, and so installed on an HDD for now. Ran the manual installer through FTX Central. Said installed successfully. Also on opening FSX it said updating scenery libraries. Opened FS, went to EGKK and textures were as awful as before. Went to Riga as suggested in the manual and textures were just as bad: Obviously they haven't been installed so just wondering what I can do to troubleshoot this. Thanks Jon
  25. Hello All! I made the leap to 64-bit a few months back, but have really procrastinated on installing all my mods. I found no issues installing Vector, North America, and Europe. However not much luck with FTX Trees. Albeit, trees was the only add-on I purchased well before any other Orbx product and had actually purchased it through www.flightsimstore.com. When installing it doesn't list Prepar3d V4 as an option for my simulator (neither v3, since i uninstalled it now). Additionally, I notice some patches of black spots around the scenery in v4 when flying anywhere the scenery applies (North America/Europe). It typically happens on take-off and approach that these segments of the scenery appear empty. Let me know if someone can help or direct me somewhere I missed. Many Thanks, Mass
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