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  1. Dear Community, I have a problem with my Libary, when i install new Orbx sceneries it throws me the Entire scenerie Libary in the Simulator and the Airports are also not displayed in the simulator. In addition, i can not push the addons down or up see appendix. Anyone have an idea? Best regards, Enes Simulator: P3Dv5 Windows 10w
  2. Did you install them into the simulator root folder? - Yes Or did you install them into an external library? -No Did you install the Orbx Libraries? - Yes Did you install Orbx Objectflow? - Yes What seemed strange to me was that when I started it, it didn't ask me if I wanted the Orbx in it, is that normal?
  3. Now its Working, where can I see if the Orbx products are installed and running in the simulator? Somehow it looks strange.
  4. Nope dont Work... I have Repair P3D... Same Problem ;/
  5. So I pressed all Generate File Delete... When starting, it asks me for all addons whether I want to install them, BUT NOT for Orbx, is that normal?
  6. I did it, via Appdata Roaming and then deleted the CFG.... Same problem
  7. Thanks you, here is the Point... Its that Correct?
  8. Hello Sir! Thank you. Installed Base Pack, Vector und Buildings in Sim folder...
  9. Hey dear community, Yesterday I bought the bundle of Orbx Base etc.... I installed it for the P3Dv4... Now I have the problem that the P3D no longer starts....
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