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TE South and Central autogen showing on ADE generated airfields


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Just recently purchased TE South and Central England to replace Orbx EU England and Wales and am well pleased with the product, however although UK2000 airports show no problems I've found that any airfields I have generated using ADE have trees and buildings showing on them even though each airfield has a CVX file to mask this. I have all my airfields above  any Orbx entries in my Scenery Library file and it just seems that something within TE South and Central are cancelling the CVX.bgls for any ADE generated airfields.


I had no problems with the previous Orbx EU England scenery with autogen at any airfield. Any ideas?

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to TE South and Central autogen showing on ADE generated airfields

Hello Doug,


The airfield in question is an old WWII one , RAF Montford Bridge west of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, home of 61 OTU during the war.

As you can see I have moved and shorten the main runway away from the trees and bushes but ideally would like to remove them altogether and have the runway positioned where it should be.

LAT: N52* 45.18'

LONG: W2* 50.44'





Screen Shot 10-20-21 at 12.42 PM.jpg

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On 10/19/2021 at 12:06 PM, nogfrench said:

Apart from scenProc is there another utility tool I can use to hide autogen appearing on ADE generated airfields?


Sorry, I just saw this thread. Not that I can be of much assistance I'm afraid.


As far as I know the basic problem is that the autogen used in photoreal sceneries like the TE range is the sort which can be created and edited with the annotator from the SDK and, as I understand it, this sort of autogen can't be excluded in the way that the autogen used in landclass based scenery like EU England can.

As you've found a normal exclude won't manage it, even if you enable exclude autogen.

I've never used ScenProc but am not aware of anything else which allows this to be done I'm afraid.


With the UK2000 sceneries from what I can remember Gary used a photoreal background image but didn't have any associated .agn files in the texture folder. That's why you don't get autogen appearing on his airfields with the TE products but you do get an area around them where no autogen appears.


All the best,



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