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Attempting to contact Orbx about product without success

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I purchase two related products from Orbx just over a week ago, Vessels Enhanced AI and Vessels Global Shipping. Although the ship models are nice the add ons do nothing as regards giving me more traffic. There are also a litany of bugs, such as ships vanishing when I fly over the, ship collisions in major ports, and ship endlessly spinning around when they reach ports.

I've spoken with the Seafront Simulation devs on the MSFS forum, who to their credit are very helpful, and I believe a lot of the bugs are on Asobo's end rather than theirs, but they have confirmed to me that the Global Shipping mod only effects cargo traffic at major shipping ports and does nothing whatsoever where I fly, which is primarily the south coast of England.

I put a couple of examples up on the forum such as flying from Perranporth to Lundy Island, where I saw three ships total, two yachts and a ferry, and Exeter to Weymouth, where I saw a single ship in the Exe Estuary, and then nothing at all from then on to Weymouth.


I'm pleased with the yacht models of the Enhanced AI Vessels and so am happy to keep that but the Global Shipping mode does nothing at all in the areas I fly, which has been confirmed by Seafront Simulations, who investigated and confirmed they have no traffic in those areas.


I have contacted Orbx three times about this and requested a refund for the Global Shipping add on but I've had no response at all. I have twice emailed support@orbxsystems.com and a third attempt made directly via their website support form.

When I contacted them previously about Enhanced AI not giving me any ships, I got an email immediately asking me to take screenshots, but after speaking with the Seafront Simulation guys who are very helpful, I decided to keep that one as the models are good and they told me the vanishing ship bug is SU5 problem and I didn't want to refund on a product fault that is outside of their control.


With global shipping however, they have confirmed to me they only do cargo routes, not leisure or ferry routes so it doesn't do anything at all to enhance coastlands, which means I derive no benefit from the add on.


I've been asking for a refund since the 14 August, which was the day I purchased, but have had no response at all up to now. Hoping a staff member here can pick this up?

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Hello Kijaye

Welcome to the forums


The procedure to request a refund is by issuing a ticket, which you can do by clicking here: https://support.orbxdirect.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I would recommend to read thier redunf policy too


Our returns policy

We do not accept refunds or exchange on computer software due to copyright and licensing restrictions, except in the case where a Consumer Guarantee is breached. In this case we will provide a remedy or help the customer obtain a working copy.

If any products purchased from this website is faulty, damaged or not fit for its usual purpose please contact our customer support team for details.

In the event that a fault is found and our technical support team is unable to remedy the problem within 30 days, a refund or exchange may be offered.

For ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) products, we may require you to sign a letter of destruction as a condition of the return.

Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd reserves the right to deny any return or exchange that fails to meet our return criteria or if the software is not installed on the recommended hardware and in accordance with the user guides.

Unless there is a breach of the Consumer Guarantees, the right to refuse the return or exchange of products is at the discretion of Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd


More details can be found here:



And here the page to process the refund request (where the first link pasted above was taken from)



I hope this is useful and that you are able to achieve your desire




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Thanks, Carlos for the reply.


I have used created a support ticket and certainly feel that a refund is justified under their rules (confirmed bugs, and doesn't do what it is intended to do which is fill my seas with ships).


Do they normally take a few days to respond?

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3 minutes ago, Kjaye said:

Thanks, Carlos for the reply.


I have used created a support ticket and certainly feel that a refund is justified under their rules (confirmed bugs, and doesn't do what it is intended to do which is fill my seas with ships).


Do they normally take a few days to respond?

Bare in mind they are based in Austraila so time difference etc etc depending on your location.  I find support from Orbx to be pretty good.  HOWEVER like all other companies they do need to protect themselves regarding digital purchases. 

They have a really good discord server as well you may get a faster reposonse on there from support if that helps.

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Thanks, I understand that but it's been since the 14th of August, I mean how long are their days: ;-p


I certainly understand the piracy issues but I have bought other products from them and will do again in the future. I'm certainly not attempting to pirate anything.


@Carlos, thanks shall I give them another couple of days before I contact them again then?


My main concern is that they will say I've left it too long, when I reported it the first day of purchase.

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