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Orbx London City - Displaced Tree in Water

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I have recently copied all of the contents in my community folder since the latest patch and moved all of the contents back to the folder after the update. In the process, I'm not too sure whether some files in the Orbx London scenery have been corrupted or not, as I can now see a tree in the water next to the runway as shown in the attached screen shot. I have uninstalled the scenery in the content manager, and did a full re-install and deleted the rolling cache however, this tree is still showing which I don't think is right. Can anyone help? Thanks.

London City .png

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I suggest you uninstall EGLC and reboot PC.

Remove any backup copy you may have if you have the make backups option selected in Orbx Central/settings/downloader.

Reboot PC and download and install a fresh copy of EGLC.

The version I have is v1.0.2 which I am unsure if it is released to all yet or whether I have an advanced staff copy.

The new version clearly shows no tree in the water and also removes the  two textures appearance of the water on the right of your pic.


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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply. I have uninstalled the package several times and did the steps listed above but the tree is still there. I don't have any copies in Orbx central as I downloaded it from the marketplace within MSFS. If possible can you please confirm whether V1.0.2 is released to the public?

Can anyone else on this forum confirm whether this tree is there? Cheers.

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 I also have EGLC installed, but no tree in the water. But I have these strange matt textures in the water.
I have also uninstalled, restarted the PC and reinstalled EGLC via Orbx Central, for me it is version 1.02.
Nevertheless, I still have these strange textures in the water as shown in the picture above by Seatbose80.
Will there be an update? It really doesn't look nice.

Note: I have also installed the London City Pack.


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I need to correct myself. 

The installed version I have in MSFS of EGLC is v1.1.0 and I have no further Update offering.

In v1.1.0 there is no tree in the water and no matt texture as can be seen in my pic below taken a few minutes ago.

I will have to ask about the release of v1.1.0 assuming that it is not available to all yet.

Please note that when it is released it will no doubt not be available at the same time on the MarketPlace. that seems to take a bit longer to offer any updates and is not controlled by Orbx.

Maybe @Ed Correia could comment



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