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YSSY Sydney Scenery & AI aircraft question

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Am I correct in assuming that the B787 pictured here is an Asobo/Microsoft AI model, using one of the Community liveries??  The two Orbx A380 aircraft in this scenery are very well done, as are the GA aircraft, so I find it hard to believe Orbx would do such a poor model as this Boeing (and there appear to be no Boeings in the YSSY package anyway).


If it is an AI model by Asobo/Microsoft, why is it such a poor model and totally unacceptable repaint?  The Asobo/Microsoft AI A320s in the NEO livery are as well done as the Orbx A380s.  Does one infer from this shoddy AI model that the authors are biased and put little or no time into the Boeing models?  Whoever is responsible for this AI aircraft should hang their heads in shame and get on with doing a decent job.   I am sure 99% of simmers would prefer not to have such models, as they look so out of place in a quality scenery package, and negatively impact the immersion experience.



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@ozzieblr Are you referring to the newly released Fly Tampa version of YSSY?


If so then there is no contents from Orbx and you may wish to direct your enquiry to the Fly Tampa support section of their website.

The address of that is in the Orbx Direct product info section for the addon as shown in the attached link and in the snapshot below. The planes certainly look like traffic/livery addon work but Fly Tampa should be able to answer that aspect



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