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  1. 1. My request was that the list be published here so that no concerns are missed in the coming update. 2. I was hoping that you and the developer could indicate the kind of time-frame we are looking at for any update to YBBN - rapid-response timing has not been a strong point in Orbx's recent history. 3. If it is a free service pack that is being prepared, that is great, thank you!
  2. Hi Nick As one of the early participants in this discussion, I am glad to come back now and find an administrator who is listening, noting concerns, and reporting those concerns back to the developer. That is what should have happened with the very first post, rather than locking the thread. That is the kind of response that could have short-circuited a lot of the negative press that Orbx has since endured. It's the kind of response that builds consumer confidence and loyalty. A few salient points for Orbx to consider: 1. Now that Orbx is listening, and the consumer base is beginning to feel as if it might have been heard, is it possible to give us the complete list of things that the developer is going to rectify so that if something has been missed or has not yet been brought to your attention it can be (now) so that the next iteration of YBBN is a refreshingly pleasing product to all users. 2. It might also be confidence-boosting to know that the planned rectification of those issues is being attended to in a matter of days/weeks rather than months/years. (I brought to Orbx attention a couple of years ago that the new runway was almost completed and requested that Orbx update YBBN for FSX/P3D to reflect that, and nothing was done about it until now - more than a year since that runway opened.) 3. Further, it would be reassuring to those of us who have already parted with our cash to know that the update will be offered to us free of charge. I await your response.
  3. Isn't it amazing what a little pressure (applied in the right place and in the right way) can achieve! Now for Orbx to take this very valid criticism on the chin and do something to restore consumer confidence in a decent update asap!!
  4. What is even more worrying now, though, is the fact that one of the Orbx team members has locked an earlier thread on this forum so no further unflattering comments can be added. As I said above, for the 50% price I paid, I am satisfied with the additional runway, taxiways and apron areas - but this airport does not represent good value at full price. To lock a thread expressing that same view is commercial censorship and such behaviour has no place in the flightsim world. When a developer does this because they do not like what they are reading, how can it possibly serve to build confidence in the publisher or its content??????? I would urge any user who has already expressed their frustration about YBBN in that locked thread, and any other user who has frustrations (ILS, jetways, lack of detail, out of date details, etc.) to come to this thread and re-post their concerns, or express any other experience/frustrations with the product here. I would also urge any dissatisfied YBBN customer to encourage others to come and express themselves here too. They will be forced to listen if there is a deluge of consumer comment. If Orbx is honest they would certainly have to admit that their YBBN product falls way short of the standard set by the recently-released YPAD airport from Impulse. And if they are genuine in a desire to provide quality products for MSFS users rather than rush an inferior product to market for the sake of $, they will listen, respond in a mature and responsible way, and where necessary, take it on the chin as they should. And if Orbx locks this thread too, let's take to all the MSFS forums on Facebook and elsewhere and tell the whole flightsim world how Orbx handles consumer dissatisfaction.
  5. I have been a long-time Orbx customer (many products), and have had both earlier versions of YBBN for P3D, and therefore qualified for the 50% discount for this updated version of the airport. I appreciated the fact that this good discount was offered, and feel that there was a satisfactory level of value for money, now having the new runway, taxiways and additional aprons represented at this very important Aussie airport. There are, however, some howevers. 1. I would have felt severely ripped off had I had to pay full price for the tiny advancement in quality that this product provides other than the features mentioned above. 2. The airport buildings do not appear to represent a complete make-over, and one glaring example of that is the fact that the Qantas signage at the domestic terminal building is that of the previous logo/font combination which is now years out of date. This is our major domestic and international airline, gentlemen, and the Qantas domestic terminal probably by far the most-used part of the airport - it should have been brought up to date. It took me less that an hour of checking to find the correct files, and graphics work in photoshop to replace those signs with the current logo (see aerial shot below) ... surely your professionals should have done that in the first place and done it to a truly professional standard. 3. There are quite a few other things that other users have mentioned as well in various forums and facebook groups - eg better terminal detailing inside and out. I trust that rather than excusing the product (as one team member has done already), Orbx will take a good honest look at the product and its competition (Impulse's recent YPAD for example), and do something about upgrading YBBN properly? I hope I can look forward to a not-too-distant update which will see this airport become something Orbx can honestly be proud to put its name to.
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