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  1. Your problem may be JFLI. This would appear to be an overlaid APX with a runway designated 07. As you can see from my screenshot, I do not have that airport or runway. I do not have Traffic Global installed so wonder if this is coming from that package. I also note that runway 07 seems to be positioned about where the main apron is which would explain your earlier observation re aircraft landing on the commercial ramp. Could I suggest you check your install of Traffic Global and see if it has an APX for JFLI. If so, disable it and see if this sorts the problem.
  2. It would appear that from you aircraft position for runway 26 and the list of runway options available, the Orbx APX for LOWI is active and working. It is also possible there is another APX active under a slightly different ICAO. It is a trick some developers use to ensure particular aircraft only use certain runways. Orbx YSCB Canberra and NZQN Queenstown are two examples of this method. Given that you are seeing aircraft land on runway 07 as well as the commercial ramp, I suspect this may be the case here. This is purely speculation on my part as I know nothing about Traffic Global and how it works. You could check this theory by placing your aircraft in the middle of LOWI and selecting Navigation/Map from the drop down menu. Zoom in as close as you can and see if there are any other runways under a different ICAO code in addition to the correct LOWI ones.
  3. I just rechecked the AI traffic at LOWI and can confirm that everything is working as it should with the correct Orbx supplied APX for LOWI. I can only assume another 3rd party or default APX is overriding the custom APX if you are not seeing the same. The grass runways will still be referred to in ATIS but are closed for take off and landing. ATC will not recognise them and you will not be able to select them in the Go to Airport option. The only runway choices will be:- Active Runway 1 (Helipad) 2 (Helipad) 26 3 (Helipad) 8 If you are not seeing the above, then another APX is active. This screenshot shows the Start Position for runway 26 as per the Orbx APX. Check that your aircraft is positioned at precisely that spot with your system.
  4. You seem to have a duplicate set of FTX traffic files in your main Scenery\World\Scenery folder. This is where the duplicate AI traffic would be coming from. As you have the FTX AI Traffic pack installed in a separate library, you should not have these four traffic files in the main folder as well. I’m not sure how this has happened but best to remove these four traffic files and that will sort your duplicate AI traffic. Once you have removed these duplicate files and confirmed the relevant AI traffic has gone, you can then return the correct FTX AI traffic files to active via the Orbx Central Control Panel.
  5. This should be relatively easy to sort. I just need to check a couple of things first. Can you provide a screenshot of your P3D Scenery\World\Scenery folder please. Is your FTX AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand P3Dv5 installed in a separate Library? As an additional check, could you please deselect the FTX AI Aust and NZ Airline option within the Control Panel in Orbx Central (as you have done with the FTX AI International Traffic) and see if you still have duplicate AI traffic in AU/NZ.
  6. Check any new packages you may have installed about the time your AI traffic disappeared. The problem could be a FS9 compiled traffic file somewhere within your system. Most of the older traffic packages from WOAI and MAIW were compiled as FS9. Some 3rd party airport packages may have their own custom traffic files which could be FS9 ones as well. FS9 and FSX/P3D traffic files are compiled in a different manner and if FSX or P3D find even one FS9 traffic file (for AI aircraft or AI ships etc.) it will disable all FSX and P3D compiled traffic files and give precedence to the FS9 one. AI Flight Planner (AIFP3) by Don Grovestine has a search option to help locate any FS9 traffic files on your system.
  7. Gates 26 through to 32 do not have jetways. You are correct in that passengers board by going down the internal stairs within each finger, out through the doors you see at the base and then walk to conventional stairs up to the aircraft. These gates are used mainly for budget carriers and charter flights. The gates in your image are covered in light coloured panels in real life but do look much better in the sim when you have shadows activated. The PBR setting improves the light/metallic effect of items and is much more obvious with shadows on. These are screenshots from my install of YBBN. This is a broader view of the main terminal with gates serviced by jetways.
  8. Make sure you have installed the P3D V5 version of YMUI and not one for P3D V4.5 or earlier. I just checked out the current install available on Orbx Central and everything was fine in my P3D V5.2. Although the product is labelled YMUI the underlying file set uses the new ICAO YMAE and should work as intended. If you are seeing YMUI come up in your Airport Selection screen within P3D, then I suspect you may have another version of YMUI lurking in your system somewhere. As you have noted, only the new code for Murray Island will be recognised within P3D V5. YMUI no longer exists.
  9. Those gates cannot be activated as there would be problems with AI aircraft overlapping their wings when parked. The number of parking spots have been activated to make use of as many as possible without clashes. The P3D AI engine cannot handle multiple parking spots on one area of the apron as would be the case in the real world. Compromises have to be made when laying out the parking at busy airports. If you have no interest in AI traffic, it is possible to add parking at these spots using Airport Design Editor.
  10. Those nodes are required to enable AI aircraft to enter the parking spot properly. If we remove them, we will create a problem for those running AI traffic.
  11. The introduction of the xml Add-On method of installing scenery by Lockheed Martin for P3D V4 and V5 meant the Control Panel options would not work in files outside the Orbx file structure. As a result, the Control Panel and User Guide were both adjusted for the latest release of the FTX AU AI Traffic pack for P3D V5. The User Guide dated April 2021 now reads as follows:- "P3D DEFAULT AI TRAFFIC The P3D default AI Traffic file is disabled as part of the installation process for this product. If you choose to reactivate this Traffic file you can do so by going to your Prepar3D/Scenery/World/scenery folder and remove the disabled-by-aitraffic-aunz-p3dv5 suffix from your trafficAircraft.bgl While it is possible to have the P3D Default Traffic active at the same time as all of the FTX Traffic options, it is not recommended while flying in Australia or New Zealand as this will give you far too many aircraft for the sim to run efficiently." Your quote above refers to the traffic file for the FTX International Traffic and it is suggested you disable this (via the Control Panel) when flying outside Australia and New Zealand so you do not have any clashes with other 3rd party AI traffic packages. If you have no other 3rd party AI traffic installed you could probably leave this active as it would enhance your default AI traffic when flying in other parts of the World. I think the file you are suggesting as 'introduced by Orbx' is in fact the P3D default traffic file. It was not introduced but deactivated by the installation of the Orbx Traffic Pack. You are still able to activate or deactivate it as often as you like. Full control is with you, the user.
  12. The issue with the missing taxiway ground poly has been resolved. Please run "Verify Files' for NZQN within Orbx Central and that will update your system.
  13. It appears there may be a conflicting APX on your system. Do you have an addon AI Traffic pack installed?
  14. Can you check your list of Add-Ons and see if ObjectFlow is active.
  15. Could you please copy the files in this zip to your Orbx/FTX_NA/FTX_AA_KBZN/Scenery folder, overwriting the equivalent existing files, and see if this resolves your issue. If all is good, I will have this update added to the V5 installer for KBZN. FTX_AA_KBZN.zip
  16. I'm assuming you have installed EGLC directly into your P3D V5 system. If so, you should to see the a Folder Prepar3D/LuaScripts. Please copy the contents of that folder, (26 files) into your Prepar3D/Scripts folder and that should sort this issue. The EGLC installer is being updated to fix this anomaly.
  17. EGPH has been updated for P3D V5 and will be released in the next day or so.
  18. This should now be fixed with the latest Orbx Libraries update.
  19. Update, the Orbx files are still being worked on and will most likely be released tomorrow. Best to disable Dynamic Lighting at those airports until then.
  20. Many thanks for that. They are clearly not the correct files so I will follow up with the team.
  21. Can you please check the Date Modified on these two files please. Effects/fx_TRB_hangar_w_lrg.fx Orbx/FTX_AU/FTXAA_ORBXLIBS/Scenery/Orbxlibs_TRB_Dynlights.BGL This is how the airport looks on my system after the update.
  22. The effect files for both KMBS and KIDA have been updated to rectify this problem. I’ll check they were included in the library updates recently released.
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