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YBAS Alice Springs


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A new PC and a new FSX SE installation. Installed 52 Orbx Airport, 13 Orbx Region and 5 Orbx Global addon. A few times i must to verify installation but after that all went Ok.


Then I try to install YBAS and I got message like this:


Installation Errors

1 File(s) failed to extract

Click "Verify Files"


This not helped -> I tryed it a few times -> Uninstall and again installa -> Deleted Temp Folder and so on


I found there was similar problem an other simmer, too but he didn't got a solution so I ask now about what can I do?





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It is possible that the missing file might never be noticed.  In cases where I've had this I load up the airport and fly, and only if I notice something missing do I then investigate further.  Just a suggestion to possibly save you time and worry if the problem is a minor issue.

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