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True Earth Installation Fails Causing System Restarts

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I have now been trying for several days, to download and install True Earth S.England, but with no success. M Windows 10 y computer keeps randomly rebooting during the section where the files are being decoded/extracted to my SSD. The random reboot usually occurs a few hours after commencing the download in Orbx Central.  Windows 10 displays a blue screen with the following message:  "Stop code: IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL".


I have tried adjusting the CPU load in Orbx settings. I have also made sure I have adequate space on my hard drive. I have checked I have the latest version of the Orbx downloader.


After the computer restarts following a crash, I restart Orbx Central and conversion of the files starts again from zero.  The installation never makes it all the way to the end.  Is there any alternative method I can use to install my product?






Operating system:  





orbx central tech report.txt

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Thanks for the links but they were not relevant to the problem I was experiencing.


After 6 failed attempts over the course of a week (each time causing system restarts during ‘converting’ phase), it eventually installed correctly.


I believe the problem was nothing to do with my system but was caused by an Orbx server issue.  I also noticed this forum has been down recently too.

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