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FTXAU18_CUSTOM + 3 others?

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Operating system:  Windows 10 Build 2004

Simulator:   P3Dv5

Issue:  I have four files that have appeared in my scenery library, or at least I dont remember seeing them before... 

They sit in the main folder of P3D within FTX_AU: 







Every time I load the sim a notice appears saying error and cannot find scenery for these folders ( having a look they contain texture files and no scenery folder)

I just tick no and it sits in the library, I dont see it has any affect, although the pop ups arent right 


The fix to prevent the pop up was to simply add a scenery folder within each folder and then no popups would occur...... do these files do anything? cant they be deleted..?


I uninstalled Global Base and Australia 2 in a bid to remove the error..... but the files remained behind after the install..... 


When I reinstalled it didnt do anything to resolve it... what can I do please? 




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This happens to me also - (same set-up as CaptainLens) I do have some Orbx airport Australian sceneries installed: Alice Springs, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Broome, Melbourne, Canberra and the two cityscapes.

I click to 'uninstall' each time and don't notice anything missing in the sim. So I can just remove the folders and edit the scenery.cfg?

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