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Reinstalling ORBX DVD products after long absence


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I've been away from flight simming for a few years but am back now with an overhauled, higher specification  PC and plenty of renewed enthusiasm. I have managed to locate most of the ORBX scenery areas that I purchased on DVD;  New Zealand (north and south island), Southern Alaska, Pacific Fjords, Wales, all of which was also backed up onto an external drive. I also have Scotland which I'm particularly keen to use, but it looks like downloaded only, as I cannot find a DVD.


I naively thought that having purchased these items they were mine to use. But now I see I am meant to have kept emails and receipts from a now shut down company called Flightsim Store all these years, and that even the DVDs won't just install and work, but need to somehow be transferred through an ORBX account to use (?). How does the latter work please. As for Scotland, it looks like I will just have to buy it again, which seems pretty unfair.


I'm not on Steam so hope the solution to all this does not require using that.

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So all my good money spent on Orbx DVDs and a download a few years ago is wasted because the system changed and I didn't think to keep emails from several years ago?  That is really, really unfair.


I purchased DVDs in good faith, and they are now useless other than perhaps as coasters.   So what I thought I was "purchasing" turned out to be simply the hire of them for a limited time!??

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thanks both, that sounds encouraging. I thought that the DVDs would only be accepted under that new crossgame/crossover process, which also requires various bits of evidence of purchase, which I no longer have? Do you mean they can be used directly somehow?

As for the download, the email address used for the flightsimstore purchase was removed@hotmail.com



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Can you now submit a support ticket with all the information, we may be able to help.

You should include all products that you bought at the Flight Sim Store, DVD or download.

As this is not my remit, I can offer no guarantees but it must be worth a try. 


You should be able to install any DVD product using the DVD itself, as long as you are

installing it into the simulator that it was made for.

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I submitted a support ticket and have received a response - show the proof of purchase, old emails, invoice etc, or nothing can be done.


I'm pleased to hear my DVDs will work (though the person replying to my support ticket said he cannot transfer them over either), though don't see how it is fair or reasonable to lose access to my Scotland download. How was anyone to know flightsim store would disappear? Who keeps old emails and receipts for years, just in case?

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while I regret that you have not been able to resolve this matter to your satisfaction, there has been a three year

window of opportunity to do so.

Orbx Direct was launched on 1st November 2016 and from that date, customers had the opportunity to transfer, 

free of charge, their FlightSim Store Orbx product licences to Orbx Direct.

Of course, the customer was first asked  for the FlightSim Store licence details, without which no transfer was possible.


The FlightSim Store started showing signs of trouble at the beginning of 2018.

There was much discussion in the online flight simulation community and most developers also put in place a

means for FlightSim Store customers to transfer their product licences to somewhere else and did so before the

FlightSim Store finally closed altogether.


However, not one of them was willing to do so for a customer who was not able to provide proof  of purchase.


In answer to your question 



Who keeps old emails and receipts for years, just in case?


Me (and possibly you).

Here are a few of them.




This is also a Hotmail account, searched online.

I would imagine that you could do the same.

Are you sure that you have exhausted all means to find them?


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Just a thought...since the discs he has now can't be used, would it be possible for him to simply send the physical discs as proof of purchase? I know that's a bit inconvenient for the staff but it really sounds like something should/could be done.

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Hello Doug,

the DVDs should still install to the simulators for which they were designed, assuming that they are not just DVD copies of the FlightSim Store files.

Also, I suspect that with his e mail address known, he should be able to search for and find the original e mail receipts.

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