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Bug Report - TE Florida visual error, part 2

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What a fantastic add-on! I'm blown away by the depth of it. Finally, South Florida feels like South Florida in X-Plane. Here are the things that have caught my attention after a quick two-hours VFR flight around South Florida. I have not gone north yet.



Just to the south of KTMB, there are two 1800 foot antennas when it should be just one. The south tower is closer to the actual location than the north tower is.



Turkey Point Power Plant no longer have its two smokestacks, its two oil-burning buildings, and its two large oil tanks. Four natural gas turbine power plants were recently installed on site and these are modeled as generic-looking buildings, which takes away from the look of Turkey Point. Fantastic job on getting its cooling water system canals to look proper! That always have never looked correct in any of previous third-party add-ons.



The runway at 9FL7 Oasis Ranger Station-U S Government Airport is not where it should be.



This random cellphone antenna tower shouldn't be here (25.650 Lat, -80.161 Long) and in the same area, there are these black squares in the bay that seems to be drawn in the textures. I suspected they are the locations of the Stiltsvilles houses that got edited out. May I suggested adding in the houses of Stiltsville? Biscayne Bay just isn't the same without them.


Thank you so much for TE Florida!

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I'm baffled by the lack of responses or interests to this thread. It has been two weeks since I first posted my feedbacks. In the past in another thread, you guys were quick to answer and help resolved an issue that I had. You guys were pretty quick to respond to the other thread about the missing VAB models and Fort Lauderdale Hard Rock Café and he has posted it in the same sub-forum this thread is in. 


But not this one? Baffling. I'm not sure where I went wrong here.


TE Florida is an excellent product and I'm enjoying it very much. There's nothing like it on the market today and in the past. The feedbacks I provided are glaring mistakes that anyone with passing familiarity of the area would pick up on right away. All I'm doing here is help improve this product even more. Is this type of feedback not appreciated by Orbx?

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Bug Report - TE Florida visual error, part 2


I have now moved the topic as requested.

I cannot comment on the lack of a response from the developer but it is now in the same location as

other customers' observations on the TE for X Plane 11 product range.

Thank you for your contribution to this.

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