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KBHB Bar Harbor coming soon to X-Plane 11

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Escape the hustle and bustle and head to this breathtaking paradise.


Perfect for those looking to embark on some scenic east-coast flying in the USA, Bar Harbor packs in a huge amount value for this remarkable part of the country. Situated in the heart of the Trenton area in Maine, Bar Harbor Airport offers stunning views across a varied landscape. Its natural beauty makes it the perfect destination for those looking to escape the urban environments of nearby cities.


Hundreds of hand-placed buildings have been expertly included, as well as numerous helipads and lighthouses. Make sure you set course over Mount Desert Island to see the highly detailed Bar Harbor Hotels and Waterfront before then heading out over to Cadillac Mountain.


This truly is the complete package for your first exploration over the east-coast in X-Plane 11. Bar Harbor Airport on X-Plane 11 is a true haven for those looking to indulge themselves in country flying with beautiful terrain. 

KBHB Bar Harbor was originally created by Alex Goff for FSX/P3D and has been a side project of Mac Ottlinger, who also ported YBRM Broome to XP, and we are happy to see it nearing completion for release.




























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The airport and its surroundings look great.


But, and I am offering the following in a spirit of support and suggestion rather than any form of complaint, it might be "better" to work on the idea of converting those existing airports that are based in already available True Earth regions, rather than ones that will sit on the default X-Plane scenery environment. I may be completely wrong here, but in a couple of these shots it looks like a really distinct border between the product and its surroundings, far more so than in the equivalent P3D environment where there is the option (requirement perhaps?) to have Global Base and/or OpenLC around the airport.


I know there are other options, like Ortho4XP or Forkboy's US, to provide some measure of improvement over the basic X-Plane, but without something like that I would imagine this KBHB is going to be doing sore thumb impersonations in a basic XP setting. Whereas converting more of the PNW or Californian airports would have a world-class environment already waiting for them (and possibly a bigger likely sales target).


On the other hand, if this is just a sneaky hint that the North East is about to go True Earth - bring it on!

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KBHB was started before “TrueEarth“ was a twinkle in it’s father’s eye, around the time we started porting airports to XP. 

So the comment about doing airports in TE regions is valid and the path we took once the TE regions rolled out. 

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...or we could wish for TE New England. The sandy beaches and rolling farm lands of CT, RI and Cape Cod MA.  Then the lakes and mountains of NH & VT, with Vacationland ME with it's rugged coasts and 100 miles wilderness.   One day I hope.  Love seeing KBHB port over in the meantime

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