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BUG REPORT: TE NorCal San Francisco

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I'm not sure if this is something that I have done.....


1:  Alcatraz Island is not displaying correctly.  The Helipad is obviously not quite right and the water tower is missing.  I am thinking this is probably something have done.


2:  The Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien  has another, larger ship superimposed over the top of it.


I thought this was possibly due to having the Mister6x San Francisco/KSFO scenery installed, but I removed it and I am still seeing the same issues.  Is it just me or is this something other's are seeing too?


X-Plane 2019-11-17 15-42-52-11.jpg


X-Plane 2019-11-17 16-20-23-52.jpg


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Thanks Jon!  There is another anomaly in the same area, just to the East, where an archway is sat in the water.  It is as if the elevation of the mesh is slightly lower than it should be in that spot.  There is so much to see in this area of San Francisco and I am not surprised that there is a glitch or two.  Overall TE NorCal looks phenomenal.

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