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  1. Thanks for the reply and clearing that up Holger. Mine is the Orbx Central version so I already have the complete product.
  2. Noticed this on the Marketplace today It's free and available for PC only https://www.flightsimulator.com/marketplace/ Am I correct that It is not available via Orbx Direct / Central?
  3. My email receipt is timed at 06:37 GMT which is also 06:37 UTC so I was quite an early bird
  4. Hotfix 2 has just been released https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2022/01/120955/
  5. I'm running the current release in both machines. You can see the key details in the signature. I haven't found any fresh issues created by the current release. I often run in VR using the Rift S. I have been using P3DV5, XP11 & MSFS2020 over the christmas holidays on the 10th gen machine. I do however have a long standing issue of XP11 hanging when I exit back to windows if I have used VR, but that has occurred regardless of which version of nvidia driver I am using.
  6. Thanks for the reply Geroid Best wishes for the New Year Keith
  7. I've just reinstalled P3DV5 and Australia V2. I just wondered, does anyone know if Aerosoft Ayers Rock X is compatible with Australia V2?
  8. @John Heaton Great video John. Is the default Surfers Paradise and Southport in MSFS good enough not to require a Landmarks City Pack? I've got the Brisbane Pack for just up the road. Orbx have previously done a CityScene for the Gold Coast on P3D so wondered why they haven't ported it to MSFS.
  9. Thanks for the reply Tony. I experienced this very same issue on my 4th gen PC. When I seen the same issue on my new 10th gen PC with a clean XP11 installation and only Orbx/Partner products installed via Orbx Central. I thought it was definitely time to raise the bug. My Southern California is completely default apart from US Southern California HD. This can be seen in the scenery_packs.ini that I attached at Jon's request.
  10. Many thanks Jon. I have downloaded it and will replace mine henceforth. This is a fresh installation on my new PC and as you see; there are only Orbx/Partner sceneries installed and I left the scenery_packs.ini unchanged. All scenery was installed via Orbx Central.
  11. I have been hopeful that this would be fixed by now but as it hasn't I decided to record a short video to show the problem. It isn't the only instance of orange lines in the air that I've spotted in the LA area. There are also houses floating in the air to be found in various locations. The location of this particular bug is Sierra Towers in West Hollywood on Doheny Rd just off W Sunset Blvd. https://youtu.be/W0qRcBi6ZsY
  12. https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2021/06/120807/
  13. I'm really enjoying this little gem. Takes me back to my time spent in The Valley. Is this airport going to be available eventually XPL? I believe KBUR is coming to XPL at some point this year. Well done Matteo
  14. I have been waiting for the 3080 Ti to be announced to complete my PC upgrade but I find the price of $1,199 for the founders way to high. The actual prices are bound to be more like $2,000 especially for the partner cards from Asus, EVGA, MSI etc Most disappointed... https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-3080-ti-3070-ti-graphics-cards/
  15. Do you have World Update 4 installed? Have you selected the correct version because I think it looks like that if you are using the original version of London Landmarks rather than the updated version which is required after World Update 4.
  16. Apologies. I didn't bother checking because you didn't state that image wasn't the sim. So, you are indeed correct because now I have taken the time to take a quick flight over the City of London. @Jon Clarke Could you please pass the info on to whomever can rotate the Walkie Talkie building to face the correct direction? I know it should be posted in the bug report section.
  17. I'm just curious Nicolas; what is the reason for not allowing the UK World Update?
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