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Why does Central always re-download Libraries ?


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a problem can be defined as seeing something in an Orbx product that you do

not think is correct.


Periodic verification of Orbx products is not required.


It is intended to be the first step to take if a problem is encountered, to rule out

file or file stucture corruption.


I suppose a parallel would be the system file scan available to Windows users as a

first step in diagnosing a problem with Windows.


In both cases, it provides a starting point for any necessary further investigation.



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But again, why is it re-downloading.


It suggests they are becoming corrupted, or a fault with the verification procedure. Or is another texture program I have installed messing with them ? I don't know.


For example, I moved my P3D install onto a new hard drive last week, and verified all my files. But see below **


The Global Textures were the only ones that needed verifying. But then once I had been forced to update some other packages, it verified and updated the Global textures again.


In the past when P3D is updated we have been told to reinstall Global Textures ! As these replace 'default P3D files in the P3D folders', this IS necessary when P3D is updated you a new version.


...... But there appears to be a problem with the verification system, as it continues to download the files. Just try it. Verify..... downloads 250 plus MB of files.... rinse and repeat.


I'm not after an argument just pointing out a problem. Do with it what you will.




 ** EDIT. Reason for verifying files include: moving to a new hard drive, restoring a backup image, a P3D update, spurious problems such as elevation issues, creating a symbolic link to a new folder or drive. It's good housekeeping to check essential files are present and correct.


The simple fact is, that telling people 'not to use' the verify files function is not an answer to why it appears to be malfunctioning.





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Can you check in your   :\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\User Documents\Versions  the FTX_GLOBAL_BASE_PACK.txt file?  It should say Orbx Global BASE Pack 1.4.2 - August 2019 in the text. 


I just ran verify files for Global BASE Pack and it scanned the files then gave me the green tick.  My Global BASE Pack is in the ORBX folder in P3DV4 it hasn't been migrated.

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The other day I did download a substantial amount of product into (FTX Central). Once downloaded I began the process of verifying a few files randomly to make sure all was there. Much to my surprise at least 20+ programs were missing some files! I normally do not verify but this instance I did and lucky for me! There just might be something going on we are all not aware of? Moving forward I will definitely verify on the front end for peace of mind if nothing else. Gabe 777 you may be correct on this as I certainly just experienced a similar issue with my downloads; maybe the A-Team can give it a look?

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Hello Cyclone1,


the topic is in the  "A team's" forum where it is available for them to comment whenever they wish to.


It has been the case that running "Verify files" has resulted in the download of some files ever since it

was included as an option.


Whether or not this is a problem or a necessary part of the process has not yet been commented on

one way or the other.


Judging by this topic, repeatedly asking the same question is unlikely to elicit a reply but hopefully in

due course it will be seen by a developer and a comment made.

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