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  1. This sounds pretty cool, going to give it a look! I flew Mt. Everest the other day with live weather and was amazed by the cloud formations.
  2. Yep, same here most of the autogen buildings are missing making it pretty sparse. Mesh appears to be out of order to.
  3. This may or may not be related to the last update of MSFS not really sure? When I did the latest update to MSFS I no longer can even start the simulator. When I click on the icon to start it justs defaults to the Microsoft Play Store. So today I figured I would open up Orbx Central and see if all was well. Simply put it is not working: same issue a lot of folks are having. Think I will give the old sim a rest as this looks like the beginning of more woes to come Looks like something is corrupted and now the search begins.
  4. Everything is sorta silent right now in a way, I think simmers are kinda in check at the moment with which way to go due to the FS being so new and still being worked on. We suddenly have to many choices and deep investments on other sim platforms. It is sorta in flux with all the newness.
  5. To SGunard it looks like Aimee Sanjari is now the Brand Manager for Square Enix. I too was wondering what happened to her, it looks like she moved on and is doing well! Found this out by doing a quick web search, she is missed.
  6. Darn SDK, still loving Santa Barbara for sure, its nice that you made it for us to fill in the default void; Thanks again!
  7. Ticker I'm feeling what you just said, I'm going to ty and upgrade some but upgrade all is sorta cost prohibitive at this stage for me! yes I have them all in P3D but at 40% discount my brakes are coming on, I am really hoping for a better deal so I can enjoy MSFS 2020 along with Orbx Sceneries, money is sorta tight since this awful Pandemic came on; hoping for the best for everyone!
  8. I can see this is going to be a long, "Rest of the Year"! Hold us up Holger and the rest of the crew, if we did not need you before, (we did) we sure need you guys now! LOL
  9. Thanks for the comments Bernief and ijaz and thanks for the likes and up votes. Good will come out of this new sim one way or another. You are right a new steady platform to build on with a powerful engine is exciting! I have been in the sim working on view setup and other things and pulling my hair out. I think all of us simmers admit we like to get in the sim and set things up right or wrong its all part of it! There are lots of updates to come and I'm guessing when the dust settles it will be worth it for sure. I guess what bothered me today is the lack of compassion and the quick reaction to start lashing out about 1 single scenery, a scenery that will be fixed! Saw some pretty nasty arguments on this forum and others bashing a single scenery and figured I would post the "Patience" thread. Yes I know its are hard earned money for this hobby but I think its much more than that, its also the guys and gals that have the talent most of us don't that can make these sceneries and airplanes, those folks are the life line of this Flight Sim World, without them no flight sim! Yes we are the customer and yes they need us to do what they do. We need them to do what we do: sim!
  10. Where do I start when using the word, "Patience" as it relates to this great world of flight simulation! We have all passed through the fire of the many changes in Orbx Central and several versions of Prepare and X-Plane and we are still here undamaged! Now we have a brand spanking new, "MSFS2020" and the developers are grinding away so that we can have a new experience. Yes everyone is aware of the "London Firestorm" as seen all over the forum! I am guessing the topic of this post "Patience" does not exist for some, that is ashame. Most all flight simmers know that if you do not have it, (Patience) you may give up on this flight sim experience prematurely. I have bought sceneries that were not up to my expectation but decided to keep them to fill a void and to support the developer for their effort, (help grow the company)! It appears that we simmers are going to have a boatload of new stuff coming and mistakes will be made and new versions will have growing pains, it is the nature of this beast, "Flight Simming"! Most developers I have dealt with have bent over backwards to help the simmer get up and running so they can enjoy what they just bought. Orbx has been no stranger when it came to helping me....the list is to long! And yes I have the London Landmarks and I'm glad I do: as mentioned over and over it will be corrected just like they have always done; "Patience" that's all it takes. enjoy their purchase
  11. John, thank you sir for sending this information I will give it a shot, Thanks again! I am up and running thanks to John!
  12. John, thank you sir for sending this information I will give it a shot, Thanks again!
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