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It is an ill-wind...


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On the day before Christmas My wife and I drove up to our daughter’s in Brisbane, 100km north of the Gold Coast for an early Christmas and adoration of the sacred great-grandchild, but a few weeks old.

On the way back a weather check on the phone showed heavy storm activity in our home area, and as we approached all looked ominous.  We arrived home at the tail-end, branches down, leaves everywhere, apparently golf ball size hail. First look inside, not too bad. Then a glimpse into the computer room, all hell had come in through a wide open window, and the stand-alone computer still covered in beads of water.

Upshot is a new motherboard, which meant a new I7-7800k to fit the next gen of MB and a new 2700 GPU. 

I have taken the blame and will post first screenshots tomorrow when I get it back.  Ooh well, when needs must.

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