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Nick Cooper elected honorary member!

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To all Old Coots: be it hereby known that, by action taken in the nominating thread, the Honorable Nick Cooper has been elected as an Honorary Member of the Old Coots' Club, with all the privileges and responsibilities attendant. For he's a jolly good fellow--hip hip hooray!

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Congratulations to Nick. An Honorary Member. Well deserved.


I just think he needs to work on a few characteristics to become a full member. I believe, from observation (I could be wrong) these include, not only attaining a suitable age:


Believing that clothes exist for function, not fashion;

Finding you are replacing conversation with complaints;

Balking at the so-called evolution of language and the use of the word 'like'. etc. :)


I find Nick still has the uncanny ability to put his hands on technical messages from years ago and relate them to new circumstances. (An ability I am losing).  I also find he still has the ability to remain calm when someone writes the bleeding obvious for the tenth time. He understands evolving technology and doesn't seem to long for the good old days or begin many sentences with 'In my day...' (Creeping into my vocabulary)


But, Nick is a very helpful, well respected, and compassionate. An all round good bloke. A well deserving Honorary Member.


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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Nick Cooper elected honorary member!


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