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Elevation problems in PAJN & PAKT

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Good morning Steen,


Using Orbx is like building a house.  The first step is building a good foundation and Orbx gives you the tools to do that.

Always start with the region and then add your airports.

Each Orbx Region contains everything needed.  They contain the upgraded mesh, vector, landclass, and many improved airports  

As long as you fly inside the boundaries of the region there is nothing else to buy unless you want to replace the default airports with highly detailed airports.


I noticed in your original post that you are interested in flying in Alaska which has some great scenery but is rather barren when it comes to places to go.


If you like to fly General Aviation aircraft and the scenery quality is important to you I would start with the PNW region.  The PNW Region is heavily populated with airports and seaplane bases and offers more types of flying from sea level to the high mountains than any other region.  You can become a Bush Pilot, Float Plane, or Regional Transport Pilot flying over some of the most beautiful scenery in flight simming.


If you plan to fly out of the region I would definitely purchase FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global Vector, and FTX Global openLC North America.  This will bring Orbx quality to the rest of North America and give you access to over 600 enhanced Freeware Airports created by Orbx members.


This is a major purchase and buying them all at once is beyond the reach of many of us, but they can be added one at a time.  Base Pack first, then Vector, followed by Land Class.

Even if you only fly Tube liners from major airports to major airports the BasePack plus Vector will make a difference because many of the designers of those major airports use Orbx as a foundation so they can blend into Orbx Scenery.


Eight years ago I was flying FSX loaded with the usual addons when I purchased the PNW Region and I was so blown away by the visual quality difference that I converted to everything Orbx forsaking all of my already purchased addons and have never regretted it.  After seven years I now have collected all of North America and Oceania and will start Europe next.




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