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  1. Hey guys, I make retro scenery and recently made 10 different versions of KSMF from 1970 thru 2009 that I plan to release soon, but I am unable to mask the Orbx imagery with an airport polygon. Normally, creating an airport polygon to exclude autogen and mask the area in ADE will allow one to build or modify an airport anywhere regardless of imagery. But for some reason, nothing will mask the Orbx images both here in SMF (as I try to exclude the newer portions of the airport) and at SJC, both of which are covered by my TrueEarth NorCal scenery. I am using the latest version of P3Dv4. The SMF scenery is at the very top of my scenery library, I have deleted all Orbx files associated with KSMF. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Only the bottom image shows the true imagery around the airport, and with no buildings for whatever reason. But the area around SFO is just generic nonsense in FTX Northern California...which is upsetting seeing as SFO is the biggest airport featured in the scenery I bought, and FTX Global accurately portrayed the area more than the "upgrade" I purchased for this region. So about that CityScapes...
  3. 2 years later, any plans to update the imaginary but "high detailed" scenery in the most important aviation area of your FTX NorCal package with CityScape? Now all the way on P3Dv4.3 with the same old fake scenery around SFO...
  4. Interesting, well at least I know. I guess in the meantime, I can disable the Northern California scenery if I'm not using SQL and want to see that area accurate for my flight. It all makes sense, and honestly I am excited to know that even higher detail scenery will be released for the area! Thanks for the quick reply, Chasen
  5. When I first installed global base, I was blown away by how realistic the SFO area was(I'm from Millbrae, the adjacent city), and the terrain and graphic details were accurate enough that I was actually able to locate my old High School on the 01R approach path and land on the sloped athletic track! So when I upgraded with FTX NA Northern California, I was very excited to see how my hometown was represented. Well, I was let down. While the scenery is very generally impressive, and San Francisco itself, miles off from the SFO airport, is very accurate, the "in between" SFO and San Francisco, is not. I was first surprised not to see a structure modeling the very iconic Millbrae BART structure, which is a prominent landmark with an In n Out Burger across the street right by runways 01. I didn't expect these to be modeled, of course, just some kind of matching autogen. But a climb to a higher altitude revealed the ground imagry for either was no longer there! Hmm? It was in global base, and this was supposed to be an upgrade. Trying to locate the High School, I realized neither it nor any school in the area, again thinking easily identifiable landmarks, were visible. Many streets lead to awkward dead-ends, and while it looks good from the sky as a lot of trees, houses, and roads, it was no longer photoreal. Sure, in the sense that the textures are very high detail, yes they are photoreal. However, what I am looking it is more or less gibberish on a scale of realism. I located a generic looking school-type building with a generic modeled track, which was built on the wrong side of the school if modeling the real life one and located in a different area. I decided to cruise up along the I-280 freeway towards SFO. If not for the accurate terrain and reference to SFO, I would not know where I was. All the ground imagery/scenery was off! For miles! Serramonte shopping center, colleges, parks, large parking lots and other landmarks, all missing. How could this be LESS accurate than the global base? Now, I would understand if this were an outlying area in the middle of no where. I am well aware of the mass of landscape included in this product. But this is the area around a major city and airport which is very popular with simmers. Not to mention the largest metro area in the included scenery. Is it possible my install was corrupted somehow, or does the Northern California scenery sacrifice photoreality in favor of an X-plane like "plausible reality" with the goal of plotting as many "close enough" streets and buildings as possible? If the latter is the case, I really wish this were emphasized. Not that I will have a choice but to stick with it having bought scenery that requires it, I suppose. Hoping it is just an issue on my end. Regards, Chasen Richardson
  6. A little late, but thank you for the help. TVL is running perfectly fine, however, a new issue with SQL is the textures don't load depending on the angle I view them from. In cockpit mode, for example, all ground markings appear. However, all taxiway and ramp markings disappear in close range of the aircraft from angles in spot view but load normally from a certain distance of the aircraft. Thank you for the scenery config editor advice, Nick. Will save me a lot of headache to keep everything in one sim.
  7. Thanks for the quick help with the 2 airports, I will try those methods tonight and post an update. As for the general issue I am having installing your products, yes, I have multiple sim installs of P3D for different time periods. I prefer to have all the AI traffic. scenery, AFCADs, sim objects, ect of each era in their own sim which is customized to the era of my choosing. An example would be if I launch my 1995 sim, and I want to fly, say, a Continental Express Dash-8 into Denver in a 90s livery, I want to fly it into Denver Stapleton with United and Continental tails lining the terminal and instructions like "taxi into position and hold" in effect. This means sometimes I will want FTX sceneries, and sometimes I will want others from the appropriate era. I understand the registry is required for auto-install, however, I do not see why this should be such an issue, especially considering the cost of the products. I am not a novice simmer, I don't need an auto-install registry, I need the scenery where I want it, to be blunt. So please, how do I proceed with this? Again, I am not opposed to a back door manual installation. Just as long as I can get the sceneries I bought into the sims I want to see them in. Thank you again for the timely responses, Chasen
  8. Hey guys, Products look great and I'm planning on buying more. However, I'm having issues with both of my airports: I've been installing scenery since FS2000, and this is the first time I've had to ask for product support with payware or freeware, the folders seem to be in order and are all installed properly. Can't figure this out. I'm running p3d v3. KTVL-No objects loading. The ramp loads fine, as does the terrain and most ground textures and the areas around the airport. But, no buildings appear. KSQL-Sim crashes whenever the area off the approach end of 30 is loaded. When flying nearby, the sim crashes as soon as SQL objects start to load. Neither gave me any errors on installation, though i did manually have to add them to the scenery library. Now as far as FTX Global BASE, no issues within the game. Great product. I can't wait to expand with the region specific products. However, one issue I'm having with this and all your products so far is they install to a default directory and do not allow a custom address to install in a version of p3d other than the standard install. Though I installed all my Orbx products to my default sim, I run my sims in different time periods(traffic, scenery, aircraft, verbiage, ect), with each period being its own install. and rather than have to hunt thru all the effects and textures files outside of the root "Scenery" and "Texture" folders to ensure all the files required are copied into the other sim, it would be very nice to be able to tell your product to install itself in ".../lockheed martin/p3d 1995" instead of just the default p3d. Most freeware products with self installers give you the option to choose which sim directory you would like to use. I have to say, I find this rather frustrating as if I buy your product and my sim is in a folder named "dolphin go kart", I fully expect either an option for manual installation or better yet a custom directory option. As I paid for it, so I have expectations. A custom directory option, just such a basic thing to neglect to include, and I get it, novice simmers, ease of application, "why would you ever change your sim directory?", sure. But I did. So, all that aside, how do you recommend I proceed with getting these sceneries, once repaired, into the appropriate sims? Despite my frustration, I truly appreciate your efforts to enhance so many sections of Northern California, which have otherwise been neglected by professional developers all these years. Regards, Chasen
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