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    I am a retired Manufacturing Engineer
    Ride a Classic Motor Bike and drive a Classic Car also loves travelling overseas which we do on a regular basis.
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  1. Hello. Yes Nick I paid for AustraliaV2, and BrisbaneV2 but nothing for MelbourneV2 or MelbourneV3, but you make the statement they are all new products. I will also make you aware that in the announcement in the latest news that YMEN is now advertised as a Buy Now price of $22.72 AUD*, but on your home page under Products Oceana it is at a Price of $24.99 AUD and then the 20% discount brings this back to $20.00 AUD, why the difference between the two. In ending this is all I have to say on the matter. Regards. Jacob
  2. Well Ed in my opinion you at Orbx are now playing with words by claiming that Essendon is a complete new version so I stick with the Original Essendon as in the past Orbx brought out Australia V2 as an update to Australia 1 We also got updates for Melbourne airport V2 and Melbourne airport V3 as an update and the same can be said for Brisbane airport V2
  3. Why do we that own YMEN Essendon Airport V1 now have to pay $20.00 for the Update to V2, has Orbx gone away from Automatic Updates for Airports and Scenery for Us your long time customers Jacob.
  4. I have just completed a take off and landing at Brisbane airport v2 with Cityscape Brisbane re-installed, flying a Rikoooo Qantas 747, taking off from Rw 01 and then over flying the City at 3500 ft before landing with no problem. I have reset Ultra to High-2048x2048, Anistropic 8x and 4xMSAA, target FPS set at 50, during the flight the FPS averaged 45FPS, the CPU over the City was on 35% and my GPU at 5%. The CP = a Intel Core i7 9700 (Coffee Lake) and the GPU = a ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080ti I am happy and for me the issue is resolved, thanks for the replies. Jacob
  5. Thank you John I will reduce the Ultra setting to normal but I still maintain that when Orbx releases a scenery product be it for P3Dv4 or v5 and have no issues what ever with our current slider settings we then all of a sudden have to adjust our settings to suit a new Orbx scenery product, we should not have to do that To add as well I have no problem taking off from Brisbane v2 Airport with the settings set to max but only on approach at about 4 Nm from touch down be it Runway 1 left or 1 right with Cityscape Brisbane installed. Jacob
  6. I installed Cityscape Brisbane this week and now on approach into Brisbane Airport V2 my P3Dv5.2 freezes and than shuts down, I have a fairly high end computer and other members in our flight sim Club are having the same problem. With Cityscape Brisbane uninstalled there is no problem, it seems to me Orbx released this product before fully testing the program. The frame rates stay the same at 35 FPS, also after installing the product there is no User Guide Regards. Jacob
  7. I have Prepar3Dv5.2 installed plus the Global base pack and all other Global Programs I have just downloaded the Global Vector-Prepar3Dv5 but when I continue to install the program to the Library in the Simulator a Error: Pops up that reads. Error: This product cannot be installed into the currently selected simulator. Please select a simulator this product supports and try again. I have selected the correct simulator Prepar3Dv5, as can be seen in the screenshot photo attached, is the problem because I have Prepar3Dv5.2 Other wise would could the problem be. Regards, Jacob.
  8. Thank you Graham, that was the answer I was expected from you in the first place, as there is no reference in the User Guide about removing this disabled-by-aitraffic-aunz-p3dv5 suffix from your trafficAircraft.bgl In conclusion I am and have been an Orbx customer for many years and can't praise the Quality of the Orbx Airport Sceneries enough. I consider this Topic now resolved. Regards, Jacob
  9. Ok Graham, I have read the user Guide in the Australia and New Zealand Traffic Pack P3Dv5 (PBR) and is is there recommended in the Configure Section to Untick the box in FTX AI International Airline Traffic and I quote as below. It is best to always untick this box when you fly outside Australia if you have another AI Traffic package installed as this file will only provide coverage for international carriers at Australia and New Zealand Airports. Well Sir I have the FLAI AI Traffic Package installed as this is required by the VPilot and Vatsim programs to fly online with ATC and I still have no other airline traffic at Airports outside of Australia or New Zealand My conclusion is the instructions within the User Guide is incomplete, and I ask you why has Orbx introduced this file in the first place as we had control of how much Traffic we wanted while flying, you developers in Orbx have taken that control away from us Flight Simmers. Regards, Jacob.
  10. Thanks for the replies especially from Larry which was a bit more detailed then what Graham wrote Regards. Bob.
  11. I have been away for a while from FlightSim and have noticed that now with the Australia and New Zealand AI Traffic installed it has placed 2 bgl. files within Scenery/World/ scenery the following trafficAircraft.bgl.disabled-by-aitrafficaunz-p3Dv5file, the same for Pacific Northwest Ferries which also have the trafficBoats.bg;.disabled-by pnwferries file. I am unable to attach the trafficAircraft.bgl file as this is to large but was able to attach the trafficBoats.bgl file Why has Orbx introduced these disable files in the and how can I revert back to having Ai Aircraft at overseas airports Regards. JacobtrafficBoats.bgl.disabled-by-pnwferries
  12. Hi Nick. Then why is it that with a complete new reinstall on a new computer all of North Germany, South Germany, and Norway that are installed with LC Europe have not any Black sections until there is either an Update for Orbx Central or Germany North and South or Norway or any other updates? It is very frustrating. Regards, Jacob
  13. Hi Nick I have done every step of your and Doug suggestions and none of these steps have made any difference, the only way to get rid of these Black blocks is to Uninstall Germany South and North as well as Norway. I find it incredible that either during a reinstall or update of these programs the mentioned bgl files become corrupted that is something that your developers should fix after all we your FlightSim customers do pay a lot of money for these programs. To suggest to us to go through the steps of renaming the bgl. files is in my opinion a very bad suggestion. By the way these black blocks were there after a complete new install of all my Orbx programs into a new computer and a WD Black SN 750 1TB NVMe M.2 (2280) PCIe 3x4 Nand SSD drive, there thw Delete Generated Files batch file in the P3D root folder has NOT been run!! Regards. Jacob
  14. Hi Nick. All can tell you that all my Orbx products are installed in the Prepar 3Dv4 Folder, and as far as my Computer knowledge goes by the P3D root folder then this is how it is on my Flightsim drive 9A:) Program Files > Lockheed Martin > Prepar3Dv4 > Orbx, and all other Folders and Files. You mention that the texture.cfg file defines them The lclookup.bgl file decides what will be placed when a texture is called. If all three match, this problem does not occur. Where can I find these three Iclookup.bgl. file. Thanks so far and look forward to your reply, at the moment I have Germany South uninstalled as this also caused my flightsim to crash. Regards, Jacob
  15. Hi Doug. Sorry for the late reply but I have been away on holiday for 2 weeks and have also been involved in a light accident, but now to the Black and discoloured sections in my Orbx scenery I have done all the steps that you suggested and in the exact order, but there is no difference as you can see in the attached Screenshots these are taken in the Winningen (ERDK} airport area after take off. By the way this problem is as from a fresh install of all my Orbx programs and there has never been A Delete Generated Files batch file in the P3D root folder run. Also when first installing Germany South and Norway and also England the Black and discoloured section were not there and even today they are not in Germany North, the Black sections only came after some various Orbx updates for these programs. Regards. Jacob
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