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Orbx seaplane bases in P3D v5.3


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Hi guys, 

Just a quick note to say that P3D v5.3 seems to have solved all the performance issues with the Orbx seaplane bases (CAX6, CAC8, CAG8, YRC and CAE3) that began with v5.0. The issue appears to have been related to the way in which v5 handled platforms or hardening and these products made extensive use of hardening so that heli pilots could land on the large models and the avatar could walk on them.


With 5.3 there are a few oddities I have not been able to solve and some effects, designed for v3 and 4 are not quite as I would wish them. But in general, everything works and on my machine performance is now better than in v4 using similar settings. This in spite of a lot of improvements to the sim.




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