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  1. Yeah I followed that advice and disabled them all. Good to know it still applies to V5, that was one of the main questions I had - thank you for confirming. I guess I will have to keep an eye on those files whenever I will update the LC. Not sure if it would be possible to let the users choose whether or not we want any wave effects in the future (like in the config section)? As for LM, I am simply relaying what one of their core lead wrote in the LM forums (see link above). The files might still be there, but the effects are not supposed to be on a clean installation; "[...] We removed these effects from the scenery config in v5. [...]"
  2. Not to be a pain, but I didn't understand a word on what was proposed. And the question in the OP was on how to reduce, not remove them.
  3. Yeah I also searched, but most are P3D v4 related, so I am not sure if they are applicable to this version, especially considering that LM completely removed them... so I am still a bit surprised that they were kept by Orbx. Plus I would like to avoid having to go play around files every time there is an update.
  4. Good evening, I have Global LC installed, as well as openLC Europe and openLC North America (with some regions as well). I am trying to disable the waves appearing on the coast / shore lines. After doing some research, LM is stating that these effects were removed in v5 and are not supposed to be present. The culprit appears to be Orbx products. There is a manual way to remove these effects by playing in the Terrain.cfg file (which I would really like not to if possible), but with any updates done by Orbx, these files get reactivated (see thread in LM support forums: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=137867). Any idea how to permanently remove this? Any assistance would be really appreciated. Regards,
  5. I can confirm that this fix is not necessary with version 5.2. I tried with the without fullscreen optimization fix and without. Simply capping via Nvidia control pannel and leave the settings as is works very well. When the without fullscreen optimization option is enabled, it causes a lot of micro stutters. I tested these options at KLAX with NA SOCAL and full AI at 7am - just to give you an idea...
  6. Hahahah nevermind... Volanta was preventing to sync with P3D. Of all things lol!!
  7. Hello, I am unable to change my insertion points or sync with the simulator. Not too sure what happened. Never had this issue before. Grateful if I could get some help to try and sort this out. Thanks! central.log scenery.cfg.txt
  8. LOL wow! Who in would of thought of that! Great catch! This was an easy fix! I was a bit shocked when landing last night at LEBB... Did NOT expect to see a runway and scenery underground...
  9. Hello, I cannot activate the hold short stop-bar lights in the ORBX Central Module... I did see a file Westsim_LOWI_Placement_FX_HoldShort_Objectflow.SwitchedOffAllTimes.OFF but I am not sure if this is related... Not too sure what to make of it. I am running on P3D v4.5 + hotfix. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards,
  10. Works!!! Weird, at first the elevation was still off, then switched to another airport and back and it was fine!
  11. By the way, I forgot to mention that these files are remnants when we were given the ability to migrate to a different folder.
  12. So the good news -- verify files did help for FTX_NA_CRM and LOWI. However, for those three rogue files from Global Base, they remained and were actually re-activated. I re-deactivated them after seeing the conflict they were creating... See image.
  13. I had to disable these to avoid conflicts with local scenery... Very weird. Also, I seem to even have duplicates (as seen in the picture with file names with numbers in parentheses). Is this normal? If not, is there a way to fix this?
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