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  1. Thank you for confirming this. PAPIs are already corrected in these files and should be correct now (right vs left one).
  2. You may try replacing these two files in the scenery location and check it out. I extended the exclusion area. The reason for this is another afcad/bgl scenery file being displayed for some reason, this isn't - however - placed by any of our files. Location: LIBRARY \p3dv5\BIKF Keflavik Airport\Orbx\MKStudios\MK_BIKF\Scenery I also suggest going through the following steps: http://mkstudios.pl/support/kb/faq.php?id=8 BIAR_ADEP5_mk.bgl BIKF_ADEP5_mk.bgl
  3. We're currently working on Fuerteventura V2, Lanzarote will follow after that.
  4. The update is now available through Orbx Central marked as version 1.02.
  5. Alright, please remove the file MK_LPPD_TAXIWAYS.BGL and download and replace MK_LPPD_GND.BGL It may take a few tries as neither me nor testers can't reproduce this problem.
  6. We're working on it. Could you try to replace the attached file in Orbx Library\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\Orbx\MKStudios\MK_LPPD\Scenery and check this out? MK_LPPD_TAXIWAYS.BGL
  7. Hi, We offer cross platform discounts, but since there's a lot of work involved we don't offer it for free. Currently we're finalizing Keflavik project and Helsinki will come some weeks after that as the project is on fairly advanced development level including latest real world changes. Kind regards!
  8. Hi, This issue is identified and solved (missing glass). That was related to corrupted add-on.xml file in P3D V4 as responded in the support ticket. The file was delivered to Orbx and should be updated soon. In case there's no windows transparency you have to check your AA settings. In some cases when it's off or set to 2xMSAA the transparency won't work. Not sure what's the reason for this, I guess it's related to the P3D rendering engine somehow. Kind regards!
  9. We have an ability to transfer some previously ordered licenses, but it doesn't apply to every product and every previous/future order obviously. It's a kind gesture from Orbx that allows us to do that, especially considering additional server/hosting costs they have to cover. Transfers are possible through: https://orbxdirect.com/redeem
  10. With the last SDK update we're finally able to finalize the product. We should have release candidate ready next week and release is planned in the first half of December.
  11. Yes Sir. Works with P3D V5 HF2 and higher including 5.1 which was tested by us.
  12. Hi Rod! I'm happy to hear that the problem is now solved! Thank you for your kind words about the scenery! I guess it's time for a beer for me as well. Cheers!
  13. Hello, I checked the ticket and I can see a message dated for today. It's possible somebody accidently ticked it as read/answered previously. I apologize for that! Yesterday a small change was made to Donegal layering which should eliminate similar issues. Could you please try to uninstall and install the scenery again? I also suggest to check your insertion points in Central and Scenery Library order. Donegal should be placed above regions, Open LC and similar global addons. Regards! Mateusz
  14. Hi Patrick, sure, we'll have a look on this. Regards!
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