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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I am very happy to see my hometown airport highly detailed in MSFS! After a couple of flights, I would like to share a few thoughts for improvement, and leave the space for any fellow simmers to add their own comments. 1. MSFS's ATC is not using the real taxiway names 2. MSFS's ATC seems to have a preference towards runway 21 when wind is light, whereas in real life the "default" runway is 03, unless significant wind forces the use of 21. 3. I've used the Cessna 172 to explore the area and after landing I am being directed towards Parking 200. I would say it should be using parking spots 701 to 706 for small GA parking (although only 705 - named 75 - and 706 are available in the sim). 4. On the product screenshots the Vasco da Gama Bridge is visible in the distance. As far as I was able to check, it is not part of the add-on. Is there any additional product I am missing? Hope this helps. I remain available for any necessary clarification.
  2. I think what’s missing in all three main sims is OTHH Doha Hamad scenery. There’s An old T2G scenery that doesn’t really work in v5 and absolutely nothing in MSFS or XP11. I think it’s a perfect job for Orbx to take on a OTHH scenery because it’s such a busy and popular airport with literally no scenery available!
  3. According to the suggestion of Mr. John Venema, which region of South America would you most like to see in detail? Each country on this continent has a particular demographic characteristic. The Legal Amazon and the Andes Mountains govern the climate of this beautiful and immense region. I will take the initiative and suggest, Andes Mountain Range, Legal Amazon, southeast region of Brazil including coastline. Thanks to all who can suggest. Baptista
  4. ORBX probably gets many suggestions but it wouldn't kill me to ask. I wanted to know if ORBX is interested in providing sceneries in the Caribbean smaller airports. Particularly, I am looking for TJMZ Airport scenery in Puerto Rico. However, there are many other airport that could use sceneries. Take Care!
  5. Hello ORBX Users.... I have purchased a few FTX regions and airports from ORBX over the years and I love the attention to detail, in fact I believe that is what makes ORBX so popular. I have seen the Iceland demo and have it on my machine as well, and the PNW demo is what sold me on my first FTX regions. I would like to suggest an entire FTX Demo like that just covering the Bahamas, with MYNN (Nassau Lynden Pindling International), MYGF (Freeport International), and MYEF (Great Exuma International) not being covered but offered as Payware extensions. What would be covered is custom accurate waterclass and landclass with FTX lighting showcasing the latest in ORBX technology in a Caribbean setting. The other smaller airports would be covered in traditional ORBX region detail. Only MYNN has recently and really at all had any payware development for the Bahamas and currently GEX+UTX owns the "market" for anything in the Caribbean for landclass/waterclass. Below is a screen snip of the Bahamas Territory, while it looks like a massive undertaking, portions of it in many areas is deep water and would require no effort as default blue water would suffice. The landmass areas are all quite small, and this would be a perfect vacation spot to cover with many tiny runways which ORBX seems to specialize in more than any other company. Just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth.
  6. While I was staring blankly at the school board after finishing my exam, I thought "You know what would be cool? FTX coverage of Singapore and Singapore Changi Airport" I think that Singapore would just be a great product, it's the destination of a lot of flights. Singapore has a lot of flights to Australia and is a stopover for several flights from Australia to Europe. For example from Sydney to London, BIA and SIA stop over in Singapore. Singapore is a great airport to have highly detailed scenery for. I know some previous producers have created Singapore scenery, but I think that if FTX made one they would completely be blown out of the water. -Kick
  7. Like some others on the forum, I have jumped in (without checking things out) and purchased the Matrox Triplehead 2Go Digital SE. My problem is I'm running a EVGA GTX580 Graphics card which only has two DVI outlets on it. The supplied leads are only "Display Port" connectors. Am I now forced into buying yet another graphics card that has this "display port" outlet built into it? If so, what is the next best Graphics card after the GTX 580 that is going to still be compatible with my motherboard? I didn't realise that there were three seperate Triplehead 2Go units on the market. Why don't these manufacturers warn people about these things? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Hank
  8. Just a suggestion - its more often than not we see shots that users post in this forum that amaze and/or interest us. This leads us to think - "Wow, I have got try flying over that piece of FTX scenery" or "I love that aircraft - I'd love to get it and try it out". Trouble is unless the original poster has specifically mentions these details you have to ask. As a suggestion, a simple way to do this when posting is to use the "Topic Tags" box just below the "Topic Title" field when creating a post. It accepts free text, seperated by commas. Adding in the scenery area, airport code or name or the leg or route and aircraft type would be ideal. e.g. US CRM, OG39, Carenado CT182T, Just a thought
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