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  1. Hello! Sorry, but I forgot to report another significant problem, from the very beginning(at BIKF)there are no REIL lights for all runways, according to the latest charts, each of the runways has them
  2. yes, now in the file yes everything is fixed, thx! but if you think it's necessary, also correct the description on your FAQ page: http://mkstudios.pl/support/kb/faq.php?id=15
  3. thank you for being here! yes it fixes the problems I mentioned above but this is only for P3dv5, there are no files in the Orbx BIKF version for P3dv5, there is only: BIAR_ADEP4_MK.bgl and BIKF_ADEP4_MK.bgl, accordingly, we just need to remove them before сopy BIAR_ADEP5_MK.bgl and BIKF_ADEP5_MK.bgl files. and this is not relevant for P3dv5, only for P3dv4 Orbx vector... P/S and also do not forget to correct information about papi( correct here: https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/210004-bikf-problem-ticket/?do=findComment&comment=1779753 ) on your FAQ page: http://mkstudios.pl/support/kb/faq.php?id=15
  4. As I said above, my ticket has long been created, but no answer ... perhaps if you join we get the answer faster.
  5. And try this free tool: https://flyapps.weebly.com/flychrono.html
  6. Hello Nick! good question, this is an additional port that is included in this product: BIAR. by the way, there is still a problem with papi, no matter how hard they try, they still confuse everything:
  7. i tested it earlier in P3Dv5, it worked... all this in the simulator is necessary so that during a long flight the time of day is correct, depending on our direction and not just on the clock.
  8. Yes, I know that support for partner products is not carried out here, but I have already created a ticket for them several times, they sometimes answered and then they just disappeared ... I just want to make sure that everyone has the problem and you confirmed it and also created tickets from your side=>
  9. it looks like you need it: https://simelite.com/timezonefixerautomaticupdate.php
  10. Hello Nick! I'm just used to using 1m, but yes, 5m solves the problem, thank you
  11. Hello Nick! if you replaced all the files with those in the archive, you will see it: and if you do something wrong, you will see it(original):
  12. can anyone else confirm this? from some angles we get thorn from the earth going to the sky...
  13. can anyone else confirm this? or say whether there will be a fix? because at the moment it is not compatible with P3dv5...
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