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  1. The reason that I like to use Orbx airports in XP11 is first of all the quality AND that they fit in nicely with their True Earth range AND they are easy to install using their Central software tool where one has the facility to choose different drives AND the choice of their partners' addon airports can also be installed using Central and I assume that all those also blend in nicely with the TE scenery range. Any chance of looking at producing Malaga airport as an addon please, either by yourselves or from one of your partners, now that TE Southern Spain has been released? Also, I assume that TE Northern Spain is now in the pipeline?
  2. Test Message - having problems posting messages on this forum - I'll try again. This uploaded ok, so please could you delete this particular message. Thanks.
  3. Ah ok - I have both those airports installed. I'm tending to shy away from other 'SAM' installations for other 3rd party airports as last time I had problems with what seemed a clash between the Orbx 'SAM' and other 'SAM' additions appearing in the 'ini' file at the same time.
  4. Hi John - in Orbx's Central under 'My Products' there is listed SAM as an entry. Is this not the same for everyone who uses the Orbx Central facility? I assumed it was and that it was automatically loaded (as 'Libraries' is automatically loaded) when anyone installed 'Central'.
  5. @Maker- I remember some time ago now that when I installed some 3rd party airport scenery, I also installed their own SAM package as well. That was a mistake as it looked like that there was a clash between their SAM software and Orbx's own version of SAM. It caused all sorts of problems at the airport in question. As soon as I deleted the 3rd party SAM software package, that resolved the problems that I was having. It seems most non-Orbx airport scenery comes with its own version of SAM. I always choose the option of not to install it to avoid any further clashes with SAM that Orbx provides.
  6. I agree - for me their TE series of addon sceneries for XP11 looks more realistic than for MSFS.
  7. Glad to see that Orbx are continuing to support XP11 and very much looking forward to purchasing their TE Southern Spain when it's released.
  8. Morning Jon - ok, there wasn't an uninstall option for the DD EGGP scenery that I purchased separately 2 months ago from the XPlane.org website. So it looks like that I've wasted about £15 by paying twice for the same product! Hmm! My fault I admit - I had forgotten about the direct purchase that I made 2 months ago. Are the 2 versions exactly the same scenery then? Anyway, I've re-installed the Orbx EGGL scenery using Central and placed those two Liverpool files at the top of the ini file and re-run the sim and as you say, it all looks now as it should be. I did get a CTD whilst taxiing around the airport and sent the report off to Laminar, but it may not happen again after I've flown a few times around the Liverpool area - we shall see. The message mentioned a problem with the Vulkan application. Thanks for your help.
  9. I have recently purchased Orbx's Liverpool Airport and downloaded and installed it via Central. The scenery looks incomplete and certain objects appear as doubling up (please see pictures below). Then I suddeny realised that I had forgotten to first uninstall my Digital Design (DD) scenery of the airport that I had purchased about 6 months ago. I went to my Custom Scenery folder and deleted 'Digital Design Liverpool EGGP' and 'Digital Design Liverpool Roads', but on opening up the sim, EGGP appeared as the Laminar default scenery (eg. no 3D grass). So I returned to Orbx Central and noticed that the Orbx Liverpool Airport scenery was also uninstalled. I then re-installed the Orbx EGGP scenery and the above two DD folders had re-appeared in my Custom Scenery folder again with missing buildings and some doubling up of buildings and objects as shown below. Any assistance in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated - thanks.
  10. Hi Greg - before I tried the fix for Sumburgh, I tried the Sumburgh 'Verify Files' within Central, but that didn't solve the problem of the vehicles reversing, so I then tried the above text file fix and that worked just fine.
  11. Thanks Jon - I haven't been to Sumburgh in the sim for a very long time, so I haven't noticed this anomoly before. Just checked now and yes, the cars are being driven in reverse. I'll try the fix. Apart from that, my sim works very well, except that the Laminar default pushback truck is invisible. Pushback works just fine, but the truck is invisible. This may be due to a third party enhanced airport that I have downloaded and installed in recent weeks - I don't know. Any thoughts on that one anybody? It's something that I can put up with as it's only an issue when I have chosen an external view. When I have the cockpit view selected, then the truck can't be seen anyway.
  12. @Sentry11- that's exactly what I'm getting including those 'installation errors'.
  13. Ok Jon - I have realised that the 'AppData/Roaming' path was hidden, so I have unhidden it and followed your instructions. I uninstalled the Orbx Library using Central. I have deleted the temporary folder and then returned to the Orbx Direct website and downloaded and installed the library from the 'Open In Orbx Central' green box and the result is that as shown in the screenshot attached. As you can see it still quotes v. 1.7.1
  14. Ok, I've uninstalled the Orbx Library using Central (I think that's what you were asking). The path to the backup that you quote above doesn't exist for me. Mine appears as such: This PC/Local Disk (C:)/Users/User/ and then there are 2 folders labelled Orbx Backup and Orbx Library. There are no references at all 'AppData/Roaming/Orbx/Central/Backup'. The Orbx Backup folder is empty and the Orbx Library folder contains a folder called xp11 and within that there are 2 folders containing' EGHA Compton Abbas Airfield' and the folder contains the Custom Scenery folder which contains another folder called 'Orbx_OrbxlibsXP' and there are many folders inside that. I also have a backup in my 'D' drive as well with folders labelled Orbx Backup and Orbx Library of which both are full of Orbx folders.
  15. The only reference to 'OrbxLibs' that I can find is in my 'Custom Scenery' folder and there are two references to that called 'Orbx_iBY_Library' and 'Orbx_OrbxlibsXP'. When you say 'uninstall' do you mean delete? Sorry, I'm obviosly missimg something here.
  16. Hi Jon - no, it's no good. It's still coming up with v 1.7.1. I've even uninstalled Central completely from my PC and reinstalled it from the Orbx Direct website, but still no option to update to 1.8.0. It just says version 1.7.1. Help with this would be great please.
  17. 1.8.0 you say? According to my account in Central, the latest library version is 1.7.1 with no option as yet to update (checked a few minutes ago).
  18. Actually, it's just a thought - how long will you be holding the discount for from the 26th? It's just that I won't be able to access the Orbx Central software to download this scenery on my PC until I get back from the Christmas break on the 2nd of January? Is there any way of paying for it without using Orbx Central using my iPad and then download it after my return?
  19. You mentioned in a response to the blogs posted elswhere that due to the high detail of the airport buidings at EGBT, one should expect a drop off in frame rates when close to these buildings, but I don't get a massive drop in fps at the other buildings at this particular airport, at least not to the extent that I get at the main concourse buildings. Also, I am not seeing any large drop off of frame rates at other UK Orbx airports, like Southampton, Leeds/Bradford etc. At Southampton and Leeds/Bradford for example, I'm seeing maybe a fps drop from 30 down to 20 maybe as I approach the airport buildings (I'm fine with that by the way), but as I say, at EGNT, it's dropping from 30 plus down to below 10 fps.
  20. Ok Jon - thanks for pointing those out. At least Orbx are aware of the problem. Just thought that it was important that I mentioned it also as I hadn't seen these posts that you quote above. I did make an effort to search for references to this problem but at the time, couldn't see any on this forum.
  21. I have noticed that when I fly into the new Orbx Newcastle Airport (EGNT) and approach the main concourse airport buildings, the frame rate drops off quite markedly. Flying over the airport there is no problem with my frame rate. Also, no problem taxiing near the other airport buildings at other sections of the airfield. Flying over the airport I get 30+ fps, but taxxing close to the main airport buildings it drops to less than 10 fps. I have seen/heard this problem mentioned on a YouTube video yesterday featuring this new Newcastle Airport scenery for the X-Plane 11 simulator. I was just wondering if any other users are aware of this frame rate issue with this new scenery?
  22. 'Had the bridge already been included in MSFS, you would have been paying twice for it, when buying the cityscene' No, because if the bridge was already included, then Orbx would not have included it in their package. They didn't include the opera house as that was already there. I just think the release of MSFS has been rushed to get it out into the market. Maybe they should have waited a year or two before they released it in order to correct any scenery anomolies that are quite clearly there from the start. That way, it wouldn't be necessary to pay extra for what should have been there in the first place!
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