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  1. Interesting video, Frank. You obviously did a lot of research! Shame that no one has taken this on as an enhanced scenery area, or a payware seaplane base at least.
  2. Thanks for clearing up the ambiguity! Oh, and the text of one of the links in that e-mail is the same colour as the background. Which makes it look like it isn't there.
  3. Recieved an e-mail about ORbs that says: Orbx and Volanta customers will automatically accumulate Orbs when purchasing through orbxdirect.com and subscribing to Volanta Premium. So not when purchasing through Orbx Central, then?
  4. Yeah, it's also annoying when you buy from a third party only to have it appear in Orbx Central afterwards! I colour code the pins on my Google map: Orbx, non-Orbx and Asobo hand-crafted ;-) But since Orbx sell third-party airfields now the distinction is blurring so I might just make Orbx and non-Orbx the same. On the plus side, at least Orbx are better at updating the Discover map than they used to be! :-)
  5. Yeah, that bugs me with some of the airfields I own too! I've made my own Google map to keep track of everything I own now :-)
  6. Great news! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to continue the series! +1 on Lindisfarne Castle - atm it looks awful!
  7. Yes Nick, there's two different products, one of which is just the airports without all the other POIs. Orbx sells both. As Wolfko says, apparently it does look like a realistic number. I had no idea there were so many in France. There must be one for every town, village and hamlet! Well, as they say, 'you learn something new every day'!
  8. You advertise the above product as having "6400 castle" (sic). Is this really true? It seems unlikely that North West France would have that many!
  9. I want to say so much about this - but I'd just be wasting my time, as once some faceless manager has made their decision Orbx don't listen to loyal customers. Have fun dealing with all the support requests that could have been self-sorted. Bye.
  10. Bit harsh! I didn't read anything ill-mannered in the OP - just a bit of humor from someone for who English isn't their first language
  11. Was just going to buy the Kodiak through Central, and then came across this post. That's a 40% higher price hike just for the privilege of using Central. Don't get me wrong, Central is great and makes things very convenient, but I have to ask myself whether those benefits are worth 40% over and above?! Btw, "advised" by whom? And does "advised" mean 'recommended to' or 'told to'?!
  12. Like Doug, I'm running 497.29 with no issues and good frame rates, but I only have MSFS installed these days. I also have a 3080, so frame rates SHOULD be good!
  13. I'd second the above suggestions of Exeter and Norwich :-)
  14. Hi Nick, No, no other addons involved. However, as you can see from the pic, the problem is solved! I did as you suggested and deleted the Asobo version, but this was trickier than I thought it would be as I didn't have the privileges to even get in to my WindowsApps folder, let alone mess around with any files in it. After a lot of playing around, in the end I had to use a registry hack to get in and give myself the necessary permissions. As you can see, I've also gained some missing trees, got a garden instead of paving, and (although hard to see in these shots) the bus shelters have sorted themselves out to! Thanks for the help - and have a good one tomorrow! Many thanks, Steve
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