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  1. Hello Orbx, The situation changed since I last posted this message. Laminar Research announced X-Plane 12. The release date is unknown but my guess is 6 ~ 12 months. I would love to buy some of the Orbx products when you usually have winter sale. However I am reluctant because they will be obsolete soon with XP12. Is there any plans for X-Plane 12? Will the product be supported or at least be given some sort of "upgrade to XP12" discount?
  2. I been very happy with the Orbx TE products like GB, FL, and CA/WA. With Vulkan mode, I don't have any performance issue flying process intensive aircrafts. Few more TrueEarth region would complete most of my flying places in US. Any plans to bring TrueEarth to Central/Texas area and New York/East coast area?
  3. Former FSX customer now migrated to X-Plane. I really miss your work. Optimistically waiting to see what might comes out of this for X-Plane
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