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  1. "Another place, another atmosphere, 'another picture that could be on the cover of the boxed version of the simulator.'" I don't know how you do it. But keep doing it because I really enjoy these. Chris
  2. The contrast and saturation here are spot on perfect. The only thing that even hints at the sim is the grass pattern. If someone saw this 10 years ago they wouldn't believe it. chris
  3. I'm guessing I'm not the only one looking at these and wondering how long before these and the sim are indistinguishable? Getting closer by the month.
  4. Wow that first one could be the cover of the boxed version (if there still is one?). Very nice Chris
  5. My understanding was if you bought an Orbx product from the microsoft in game store you will be able to use it for free when it becomes available. If you bought from Orbx central on PC it will not show up on XBOX because they are separate stores. The question is if Orbx will provide a purchase code to reacquire it through the in game store? chris
  6. I guess we're going to need a a 'winner of this decade's screen shot contest' now.. Oh well at least I can say I knew him before he became famous. Heck of a shot Chris
  7. I too fly primarily XP11 in the western united states. Sad to see we won't see Friday Harbor, Harvey Field, Monroe, Diamond point, Jefferson, Sequim valley or the Alaska fields. True Earth Washington XP11 is my favorite product and I would have liked to see the airfields that go with it. Love the new airplane though. Chris
  8. There goes this month's screenshot contest. chris
  9. My guess is either less focal distortion or you really don't like tropical fish? chris
  10. Beautiful! Still my favorite airfield and I hope they will do Friday Harbor soon to compliment this. Chris
  11. That is very scary to go through I'm sorry to hear that. Prayers and best wishes for you and hopefully along with medication they can recommend changes to diet and exercise and such to identify triggers and prevent it from happening again. Take care Chris
  12. Hopefully this response is pinned somewhere because it seems that yes you MUST have the XBOX beta app running and logged in or else the full install will not work. Chris
  13. Operating system: macOS Catalina Simulator: AF2 Screenshot: Issue: Apologies there is no log file in the library location given. Have run AF2 multiple times as well as granted all disk permissions to Orbx central. Rescan doesn't change it and the only sim I can manually select is X-plane. Is there a way to point Orbx central manually? I see that the AF2 airports have the apple logo highlighted on the product page so I'm assuming there is a way to make it work. All of my airports and true earth work fine on the PC but I would like this to work for my on the go MacBook. Thank you Chris
  14. I still can't get Orbx central to find AF2 on my macbook. I've started AF2 many times. Is there a way to manually point central to AF2? chris
  15. This is the last one I need to complete my Kenmore Air pilot circle. Is this a possibility for under the tree? thank you chris
  16. Is this true for all Aerofly products or just this one? chris
  17. I run Xplane with an i5-7200K OC and a 6G 2060 card and I get an average of 30fps with settings at high only dropping to 20fps in major cities. True earth works great for me and should for you too
  18. I will be glad to be proven wrong in this case; competition benefits everyone. But ORBX said that Aerofly makes up less than 4% of sales that is a difficult hurdle to overcome. I would be interested to see JustFlight sales as a percentage. I bought the tomahawk for X-plane but wouldn't for AF2 as I am getting more functionality for my money with weather (the raindrop sound alone is worth it) and a dynamic environment. I really do hope you are right.
  19. Plus a third party is apparently releasing a form of ATC which IPACS had supposedly been working on for years. ATC was always listed as one of the things taking up so much of IPACS time does that mean it all gets scrapped? And ATC was preventing them from doing other things etc etc.. The reality is 1. It runs great 2. It looks beautiful 3. It doesn't put bread on the table for developers 4. It is too difficult to modify for the average end user 17 people aren't going to provide much incentive for new development.
  20. It makes me sad since they had the "shiny new toy" status for a while but no news of updates other than maintenance since august. That's a full quarter without a single development. The notification pattern is very similar to the last 6 months of Flight Sim World. The best move (in my opinion) would be to open source it and let the hobbyists go after it and IPACS make money with addons. Microsoft is going to keep tight control over their sim so this one could be the "tinkerers" counterpoint.
  21. I quoted you directly! Phrased much better than I could have. thank you Chris
  22. I love the night lights on the lodge building. Xplane does amazing things with night lighting. And ORBX does amazing things for Xplane. thank you Chris
  23. That's the last time I put my purchase receipts in a folder called "other stuff". Might as well call it "don't look here" chris
  24. I think you're right I was reading more since and I had assumed they were all under one umbrella rather than contracted. And as luck would have it there's a sale today! thank you chris
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